Who would you like to see act together in a drama?

While thinking of a possible female lead who could accept to play with Ji Chang Wook in his new drama, I just thought of this.
Please forgive me if there was already a discussion on here about this!

I would really like to see Ji Chang Wook and Moon Chaewon act together once.


oh. Uh…Okay. )

When I first read this, I thought - who would I like to see in the same drama?

Not who to match up 1 cool guy with.

But who…yes…

Forgive me, but my dream match up…(laughing) Hu Ge. Yoo Ah In. Yuan Hong. Huo Wallace. Ji Chang Wook, Zheng Han, LGX… , Lau Hawick…Liu Jun. Vanness Wu…!..for the young men. Wait. Add Peter Sheng…but he can just stand there. :slight_smile: whoa.

Ha Ji-Won. Ariel Lin - Michelle Chen…Yan Da. Yoo in A. Ruby Lin. Seol Hyin Jin.for the women. Crystal from GPG!

And the older stars…ahhhhh. Jun Kwang ryul…Choi Min Soo…Kim Seo Hyung Jun Gook Kwan, Kim Sang Joong…,Jang…Hyuk… Yoo Taek Young.!.

And…people who get tortured and beheaded? “guest stars”? ahhhh YOONA. Zheng Shuang! :slight_smile: But first they do a LOT OF LAUNDRY! Muahahaha!

Special added appearance by Lu Yi…who can steal the show from absolutely ALL of them…he has that Cary Grant/Harrison Ford way of being someone you NOTICE even when it’s NOT HIS SCENE…!


Even the first two of all the categories…(SMILING…!)

Yeah…I can DREAM.:slight_smile:

Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut
if there’s really a heaven…it’s KKD…and great coffee…and being friends with both Hu Ge and Yoo Ah In…for eternity! You would NEVER be bored! :slight_smile:


Love it!! :smile:

I love a lot of Chinese actors but can’t mention them by name. The one from autumn concerto and the girl too are awesomely perfect together and the guy from Lee Jun Ki (he dies at the end) OMG he’s so sexy and great acting skills. What I’m going to do from now on is write their name and what drama they were in so I can remember them by name.

Ha Ji Won again with Ji Chang Wook their on screen chemistry is just perfect. I would like to see them in a Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie type of drama (the spy one) remember?

You are speaking about Mr. and Mrs. Smith - that is the movie.

I saw it, before I walked away from Hollywood…before there was no reason to watch the work of my home country, the United States.

Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut

I would love to see Ji Chang Wook with Lee Sung Kyung.

I know it won't happen but it would be great if Lee Bo Young acted in a drama with her husband, Ji Sung. "Save the Last Dance For Me " doesn't count.
And lastly, I love the actress Son Eu Seo and I don't understand why she never got a lead role in a drama. So for her first time, she would deserve the best: Song Jong Ki.

lol I guess that was the title. I am bad when it comes to remembering names/movie titles etc… By the way, I liked the story but never her acting or Brad Pitt.

Life is too short to watch Brangelina. :slight_smile:

There is a lot more talent on HD here…sigh.

HU GE…and YOO AH IN…have more talent in their eyelashes. :slight_smile:

GeNie of the Lamp flipping the Mr and Mrs Smith DVD into the nearest bonfire…! POOF!strong text


This two are my favorite actor/actress but I can’t see them as romantic couple in a drama bc they both have very strong shy features when acting.

A romance story would be so boring in my opinion. I always wanted to see him (JCW) as a Bodyguard type of drama (which they did but I didn’t watch for very long bc I didn’t like the lead actress for this role (Yoona)). Moon Chae Won in my opinion would have been perfect in this drama role bc she can play a rich spoiled girl to perfection and she’s also very agile in her stunts scenes.

I felt Yoona was a porcelain doll everyone thought could break into pieces in the scenes. K2 was so dull in many episodes. I tried really hard to feel the drama ‘‘magical chemistry’’ from them Y&J but to no avail (I tried watching several episodes) but gave up in the end.

I hate when they finally make a drama with a story plot i was dying to see but kill it when they chose the wrong main leads. A writer should have a bigger say as to who they would like as male or female roles in the drama they wrote.

I also want to see Ji Sung and his wife Lee Bo Young as the 2 leads in a romantic comedy since I love both of them…Jo In Sung or Jang Hyuk with Ha Ji Won (I never watched the show they did about Bali since I heard it was extremely sad) since both these men are great at cimedy, romance and drama…Min Hyuk and Park Bo Young in a comedy since they are both adorable and funny