Why all the viki hate?

So as i learn more and more about DF closing a see users hating on viki like oh no i have to use viki now as a user of both I spent more time over there for certain shows but i always felt viki had the better structure better video player and most of the time better sources/raw files some dramafever shows were unwatchable depending on the show due to glitchs in the files so anyway ya why all the haters?



While DF began to offer more on air popular dramas, viki became a skeleton of itself. We no longer had here the many varieties of dramas, from so many different countries, and translated into so many different language.
I myself couldn’t believe what was happening here, I no longer was seeing the Taiwanese, Lakorn, Japanese, Spain etc… dramas I enjoyed so much. Everything all of a sudden stopped, disappeared with no logical explanation. Everyone that once loved viki left to love DF that started to offered what viki no longer had here.

Even now, we don’t have here the many options of dramas that were offered at Drama Fever. So they feel miserable and upset and we can’t blame them bc I bet those that feel that way are the same ones who once loved viki but left to DF when viki became nothing but a memory of what a great site it was.

RakutenViki has a new name and a new CEO and so far not much has been improved. We still don’t have the dramas the viewers like to see or the variety it needs to have. You mainly see here Chinese dramas that are so long and full of senseless fights it becomes unbearably boring. What are they coming back to, if they have no DF? Nothing so far, whatever is been offered here is still on hold or won’t be available for whatever reason they don’t say.

If RakutenViki stays the way it is, I don’t see anyone from DF joining here as a paid subscriber. What for? Are they going to make changes that will satisfy the spoiled DF subscribers? Are we going to get and have our old wonderful viki back?

I see nothing in the horizon so far, and that’s where the hate comes from, their frustration. The realization that what they lost can not be found here at RVIKi. You were able to afford both sites but many can only afford to have one and so far this one is not offering the best dramas on hand.

Of course, unless some needed changes happen really, really soon.

PS. I never went to DF and stayed here at viki on and off. I feel I was so spoiled by the old viki that I was hoping and waiting for it to come back. Is it going to happen? That is in the hands of the new CEO and I hope that includes the many quality, decent Japanese women empowered dramas they also have. Looking forward to bigger and better changes.


Wow I had no idea this ran so deep as I just joined this year i would definitely express this to the CEO if you can? in the mean time what do we do there is only 2 options now

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I disagree and agree with some of the things you said, Viki was my first site I join It’s been many years and became a premium member. I also was a long time premium member on Drama Fever both had their pro’s and con’s it was good to have both if you could afford it
I think it’s always good to have more than one place that offer Asian dramas and movies there was Dramas like GOBLIN that was not here on Viki but was on Drama Fever sometime they both had the same Drama when it was not in HD on Viki it was on Drama Fever or Vice Versa.

I really enjoy both Drama Fever and Viki. Before anyone hate either site it’s make no sense in crying over spilled milk. No one know what the future will bring I think now since the market is open Viki can only UP IT"S GAME with even better contents for everyone in all categories. Plus never say never what was could always return ( DF ) maybe with a different name all we can do is hope for the best and continue to support Viki.


in my experience drama fever had great content but i thought the website itself was horrible the video player was really bad and basic and as i said sometimes depending the show the files would have errors built in I remember having to stop a show because it would block out at the bottom of the screen and i could not let that keep happening on a OLED tv right? so for me if DF content can come to viki we all win

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As a volunteer I usually steer clear from the drama page to not pay attention to the Sub please requests. But today I happened to see a couple of drama pages and I have to say it’s gotten worse. I think a few people who have crossed over from DF, expect that the subs are included in their subscription and are getting angry at the volunteers for not being “fast enough”. I feel bad for the teams :cry:


I know what you mean I would much rather wait for skilled volunteer on viki then Americanized subtitles quickly on a sub par service I member growing yup I was always interested in Asian drama it was very much a underground thing their were no legal services back then be thankful we have anything otherwise you just shoot yourself in the foot

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Drama Fever hasn’t had a forum, I forget how long its been. I’ve always found people here nitpick and bash DramaFever. I can’t recall the last time I saw Viki mentioned on DramaFever by a user. Part of that is probably the lack of a central forum.

Sad to see DF go. It means less licenses. Less subtitled dramas, period. Everyone loses.

And why shouldn’t we be able to criticize Viki like when they removed fan channels and fan-subtitled 3rd party videos? I sub to Viki. I subbed to DramaFever. I have opinions about features I’d like to see or features I want back.

If I disliked Viki I wouldn’t subscribe, I wouldn’t watch. I’m criticizing them because I like the service and want it to be better.

I might subscribe to Kocowa for the immediate subs. Anyone got an opinion on the size of Kocowa’s library? Another part of my reluctance is that it’s only Korean and I do like the Chinese dramas.


you cant criticize what you don’t understand Drama Fever failed because it got to big to fast and cold board members closed it down for lack of profit and greed the same thing could happen to Viki tomorrow! the only thing that keeps this place going is its community of volunteers the criticism does not help anyone is just makes the business less attractive
DF going is may actually free content for viki or revert back to kocowa
as i said i grew up in a time where Asian content was not legally watchable easily be thankful for what we have for it can just as easily be taken away all your doing is making fans real people not want to bother because they arnt apprenticed i pay the highest kind of price for plus pass but i do not whine no i fill out a request form and wait like everyone else id you want to help make viki better do so the right way i sub to CR complains do not work there they wont work here

I think that’s a fair point. As I’ve seen in the discussion, the staff members do try to help when we are experiencing issues with volunteer tools and we’re on here to air our grievances.

And speaking about features might help get that (or some form) of that feature back - I doubt that they will go back to the way Viki used to be, but they are trying. Are they perfect? No, but I appreciate the effort of some of the staff members. And if I have an issue, I’ll probably make my voice heard here :blush:


Yes, I read an article that dramafever will come back under a new name but under new management. Whether it will happen or if is true, remains to be seen. We have to wait and see what the future has in store for us.

I got plenty of good ways to see my dramas.movies/documentaries, and from every country you can think of. I have NETFLIX/ AMAZON Fire Stick. The dramas offered here art Rviki right now are too dull or not for me for personal reasons.

I just finished Lovely Horribly and don’t have any interest in any other drama so far. I’m mainly here to sub a few unfinished project (that is if they don’t remove it). My love for viki is dying down for a long while now, and the way I see it my old viki from 2013 is never coming back to me the way I see this going. I hope I’m wrong. I feel sad like a lost a good friend and it hurts.

I copied this from: Very detailed information


Viki Pass is a monthly or annual recurring subscription service that lets you watch exclusive content, in HD, without ads.

Kocowa is a streaming service, launched by a partnership of KBS, SBS, and MBC, the three major TV networks in South Korea. A Viki Pass Plus subscription includes the best of both worlds; all the benefits of a Viki Pass Standard PLUS over 14,000 hours of additional Korean content.
Viki Pass Plus gives you access to all the great content from Viki Pass Standard PLUS additional content from Kocowa!
Viki Pass Plus is available only in North, Central and South America.
Here is the list of 160 shows available to Viki Pass Plus users. (122 TV series and 38 movies)

Obviously, Kocowa doesn’t have only 160 shows, so I understand - although it’s not clearly stated ANYWHERE - that it’s not ALL Kocowa content.
Here is the list of all Kocowa dramas. I think I see many which are not here on Viki.
And, it makes sense. If you were Kocowa, would you like all your audience to go to Viki to watch the dramas?

Something very strange
Looking at the Viki Pass Standard list, the Viki Pass Plus list and the Kocowa page, I found some of the shows are in all three!
Including Room 9, The Player, The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, Twelve Nights, Running Man and Where Stars Land - which moreover is a Viki original. What gives?

Viki Pricing:
There are 6 plans available, Basic, Standard, and Plus:

Basic (available only in select countries)- $2.99USD/month or $29.99USD/year -
A recurring monthly or annual charge will be processed to the credit card on file. Viki Pass Basic offers you the chance to watch our non-exclusive content, free of ads and in HD (where available). This plan is for users who don’t mind waiting for their favorite content to become available to all users.

Standard - $4.99USD/month or $49.99USD/year

  • A recurring monthly or annual charge will be processed to the credit card on file.
    The plan that lets you watch our Viki Exclusives, Viki Originals, and selected movies! You can explore the shows available with Viki Pass Standard here. Besides Standard content access, you also get no ads and HD quality, where available.
    List of the 55 shows available with Viki pass standard (What? Only 55?) Of which 17 TV shows and 38 movies.

Plus - $9.99USD/month or $99.99USD/year - A recurring monthly or annual charge will be processed to the credit card on file. This subscription is only available in the Americas (North, South, and Central), and only available on Web, Android, iOS, Roku, and Chromecast).

Here’s the whole article: https://support.viki.com/hc/en-us/articles/115009725447-Plan-benefits-for-Viki-Pass-Standard-Plus-and-Basic

Kocowa pricing:

Monthly Membership $6.99

  • No Ads
  • No Commitment
  • Hassle-Free Auto-Renewal
  • Unlimited Dramas and TV Shows for a Month
  • 1-Month Free Trial (This might be extended with promo code)

Annual Membership $69.99

  • No Ads
  • 2-Month Discounts
  • Hassle-Free Auto-Renewal
  • Unlimited Dramas and TV Shows for a Year

Daily Membership $0.99

  • No Ads
  • 1-Time Payment & No Renewal
  • No Commitment
  • Unlimited Dramas and TV Shows for 24 Hours
  • Inexpensive & Convenient Way to Try Out

9 months ago I complained about the bad English captions. Long sentences on screen for less than a second ! In addition, often lack of spell check led to many word contractions. “Canyou read thisin lessthan half a second?” Combine that with a pause feature that wrote over the caption meant that you often had to back up 10 seconds.

The result was that I went to other services if I could. Compare the English reading viewing experience on Netflix or Prime Video !!! They are willing to spend the money to please the viewers. DramaFever was my next to last choice, Viki last.

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Do you remember the title of the drama? I haven’t seen dramas here with captions in a long while since those dramas are usually what I call oldies.

I worked in a drama with captions about a year ago, and it was a total disgusting mess but I mainly blame the CM/Moderators for that

I believe you, when you say you went through that here bc the reason I left that drama was bc I felt it was ‘‘too crappy for viewers’’ and wanted no part of it.

In regards to NETFLIX I have seen really, terrible bad subtitles, too. Prime so far none but they are missing a lot of subs in many of their dramas.

I would ague that yes fans are prone to more mistakes but they care more?

The drama is currently on Air: “Hide and Seek”
When I looked at Episodes 23 &24 on the Viki web site, both the captions and the player were excellent. A pleasure compared to the Roku version.

I don’t know why the Roku version should be so crude. They seem like the rushed, first quick captions before editing. Why put it on air at Roku?

The player issue has persisted through at least 2 builds of what they claimed was new and improved. However, the website version shows that they have something better but will not put it on the Roku. My choice of Netflix or Prime Video is just because of the player.

BTW Any thoughts on why they dropped the category “Bus and Issues”? The only way I could access it was to go back to my previous post.

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I have no idea what’s going on here but hopefully changes and improvements will come your way soon.

I never liked ROKU bc I bought it and the TV screen look grainy and the quality was terrible so I went to the store to return it and the guy says we have a better version of ROKU get that one (of course double the cost)

I bought it thinking the updated version would be better but it was just as bad. It turns out ROKU is not the best product to buy. I am very please now with Prime Fire Stick the picture is clear and it looks awesome.


I understand when you say you have no interest in any other drama at the moment. I also feel that way sometimes, seeing the dramas available here. And in one of those moments I met “Nightmare Teacher”, it’s 2016, but found it very interesting, who knows you do not like it too?

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Just my 2 cents. I saw that Viki staff was the CM for that channel (I can’t watch it, it’s restricted) and they segment and subtitle those kind of dramas themselves. I have worked with Viki staff before and they don’t adhere to the same guidelines (they are getting a bit better) as the segmenters who graduated from one of the segmenting academies. Maybe that’s why you experienced that.

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Thank you! I was waiting for this drama but forgot all about it. Will start watching now.