Why are people leaving reviews on dramas NOT WATCHED!

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Pretty similar to those fancy hats for their cats.

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Let’s all begin a crusade. Downvote and then flag (for “inappropriate content”, since there isn’t any other suitable option) all reviews for shows which haven’t started airing.
For instance on this one, the “if oppa is here it must be good” fake reviews are already pouring, from 5 months before airing.

A choice of “reviews” giving the drama ten stars on trust alone:

[QUOTE] “I already know that this show is going to be good. Thumbs up if you are excited!”
“Omg! i waiting for this drama :heart::heart::heart:saranghae Lee Jong Suk​:heart:”
“OMOOOOOOOOO!!! I’m so exciteeed! Thank you VIKI for the license”
“I don’t know what to expect from this drama but after W and Uncontrollably Fond all I can see is I’m excited to see these two together. I’m in love with Jong Suk and I’m honestly excited to see him once again :heart:
“Crazy to watch !!!”
“I Love this Drama more then other drama…”
“I can’t wait for this drama, it might be very good beacuse Lee Jong Suk act in :sparkling_heart:
“So far i like the preview of this story it’s very interesting”
"Com Lee Jong Suk, como personagem principal. Com certeza será um ótimo drama. "
“Já ou colocando 10 estrelas porquê já sei que o dorama já será super bom !! Só tendo atores(a) maravilhosos(a) já sei que sera 10 !!”
“PLEASE have this be available in North America I voted like crazy so viki would buy the rights to the show to air it while it’s live, it would suck major ballz if it ends up not being available in my region”
“I have very high expectations for this drama hopefully it good.”
“Lee Jong Suk and Suzy I wish this drama is good though”
“honestly…the plot sounds like absolute shit but it has two of my fav actors in it so im looking forward to what it brings”[/QUOTE]

As you see, some of these people are not even sure that it will be good, and yet they give a 10-star rating.
Here is how it looks with the thumb down and flag:



I have one suggestion:

  • let CM manage that feature, meaning a CM can "LOCK and UNLOCK " review ratings, something like Mods and higher ups can LOCK and UNLOCK episodes @anon20195650 @camiille could developers create something like that??

If not,Viki should be able to do that, just like they code the page with license duration and regional limitation…

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That could be done. Although I think it would be easier if viki did it in an automatic way. As soon as new episodes stop being uploaded, immediately the review feature is unlocked. With a filter, where words like “subtitles”, “vikipass”, “license” make the review unacceptable and un-saveable.


I just finished watching a drama here on Viki, I didn’t respone to every 16 episodes, But I did respond. and those stars saying if its good bad or ugly. so some didn’t put a review up, well I do plan to from now on!

Since you have to login to leave a review and viki remembers how many minutes you watched of an episode, viki should be able prevent users from commenting on dramas they have not watched at least one or two full episodes of (no more “why is it not available in my region” reviews possible). Some people update their review while watching the drama, I think, so having ratings for an ongoing show is nice as well, to decide if it’s worth picking up.

@irmar I like your idea of filtering buzzwords, if it’s done for all langauges and including things like “s.u.b.t.i.t.l.e.s” or other obvious ways to circumvent the recognition system

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It would have been a good idea, but… I often write reviews on shows I’ve watched elsewhere because viki hasn’t obtained the license yet, or they are not available in my region, or…

I don’t know if any one else has seen it more often, but I recently saw an add/spam for the first time in the reviews. I was a little surpised acutally that I now had a chance to flag a review for another reason than being a fake review.

However, I think we shouldn’t only flag and downvote fake reviews, but also upvote reviews that do make sense and actually show an insight of the show. Although such reviews are hard to find on some review pages unfortunately, the writers should be encouraged to continue writing reviews that actually make sense and are helpful for possible new watchers.


I often read the comments, but never the reviews. I mean, what is the point when everything is already available to you ? Just pick what tickles your fancy, and if you don’t like it, well, there’s a million more from which to choose.

The reason one reads reviews (be it in professional magazines, like movie and theatre reviews etc.) is to avoid wasting time and money. Here on viki there isn’t the money problem, since you either don’t pay or pay per month, not per show. But there is still that precious commodity, time.
You try to test the waters and see, from other people’s opinions, whether you will like or not that show. Sometimes you can tell by watching the first couple of episodes whether a drama is to your liking or now, but sometimes not.
For instance, you may read:
“The show is a slow starter, but from episode 5 things become really interesting and from then on, you watch it breathlessly”.
(this makes you think that you may give it a chance, waiting patiently through the not so exciting first 4 episodes)
“Such a pity! After an excellent start, the show fizzles off at midpoint and starts to drag, so much that I had to skip parts. And the finale will leave you furious, as nothing is concluded”.
(this will make you search for other reviews and if everyone is furious at the finale, you may decide not to watch).
The most helpful reviews, though, are the ones which explain WHY they liked or didn’t like the show. Because they may have liked or disliked if for reasons which for you are irrelevant.
For instance: “The writing was good and well-paced, but I just cannot stand the main lead’s expressions and mannerisms, so I couldn’t enjoy the show”.
If you don’t have any problem with the main lead, then you may decide to watch it after all.
Or the opposite.
“The show was a bit cliché, and you knew what was going to happen since episode 1, but I watched this because of my oppa, who was gorgeous - as always. Oh, could I have such a man in real life?”
You could think that, if that guy’s looks are the only attractions of the show, maybe it’s not worth your time.

Of course you never base yourself on only one review. You have a look at all of them, and maybe also search online, to have a balanced opinion.


I know what you mean, of course, in that it should be more like Imdb.

But if Dramaworld has taught me anything is that Asian dramas reside in their own little fantastical worlds, and that the folks watching them do consider their favourite oppa as part of the whole watching/reviewing process. I, too, will watch the most boring of dramas just to enjoy my sweet flower boys. :smile:

All in all, it’s up to viki to implement a good system, or remove it altogether. There are lots of blogs out there that review this stuff on a more professional level. I don’t know. It’s just one person’s opinion. :slight_smile:

Understandable. Who has not sinned can throw the first stone :slight_smile:
But what I’m saying is that if you include in the review the presence of the flowerboys as a reason for your good rating, then I will know that if I am not as keen for them as you are, maybe otherwise the drama will not be to my liking. Again it is useful to state ones reasons for giving a bad or good rating.
An example would be Hwarang. I was not so keen on those particular flower boys, so I was able to understand that the drama sucked. I might write a review saying “The drama was a disaster, however if you are a fan of those guys, then you might enjoy it anyway”. If it’s clearly stated, readers know what to expect.

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Yes, that would be nice, and from the viki staff I understand that things will change eventually. :slight_smile:

I am curious about something here,

ok so I watch a drama, put a comment on, post it and later I go back and don’t see my comment,

the other thing I have watched a drama elsewhere and I put a comment on there for the drama um to finish this drama due to subbing matters on other link,

so I do put a comment on this drama, sometimes the comments don’t show up, one way or other, I have tried to put comments on and not shown, yes I am logged in.

You mean timed comments or the ones below the video?
If it’s the former, you may have written at exactly the same time as one or two other persons, so in that case only one gets chosen.
If it’s the latter, you may be logged in to viki but not to disqus.

maybe thats it then. ok I will check that out. thanks!!:blush:

Imar, just checked (yesterday) and yes I didnt log in! again thanks!

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I didn’t log into disqe, which that will be changed! also I like to watch the whole drama then put in my comments plus to remember to log into disque


@marygrether1_gmail_c When you login on viki with your either VikiID for example Mary1 or you use your email then you actually do not need a disqus separate account because it’s associated with Viki. At times when internet is slow disqus cannot validate your viki ID (in the background) that is when you write comments in the commenting section (below drama) it either says to login with the many IDs like gmail/FB etc. all you have to do is refresh your page, sometimes twice and then write the comment. It should work.

The same works when you want to see the disqus notifications which are at the first line of comments in round red circle with the number in it… if disqus cannot verify it will tell you 1)something went wrong, 2)start an disqus account today or open an account something like that, all you do is refresh or go to another page or just wait and try later… no need to have a separate Disqus Account to use commenting on Viki. - Hope that helps.

I’m not familiar how it works when you login into Viki with FB or Rakuten, etc. though…

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Té de crisantemo



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