Why are people leaving reviews on dramas NOT WATCHED!


I don’t know if this is a new feature but Viki encourages people to leave reviews for dramas they haven’t completed. Personally, I like to leave reviews until the end of the series because a lot of them start off really strong only to have a cliché ending.


Yes, exactly! And you get this prompt to leave a review from the very first episode!
So they’ve been doing the opposite of what we asked.
That screen should be there only after the finale.


I have been putting reviews up on the first episode, hmmm, so we should wait till the final one. ok so I didn’t know, I will do that from now on.


You can edit your review later on. It’s better to encourage people who at least saw one or two episodes to rate a drama, then having tons of rating of people who can’t even watch it and just complain about missing subs, viki pass and blocked regions.


Who goes back to edit? Very few people bother. So these reviews remain, and they can give a false impression, because the first couple of episodes may be very different from the rest of the drama. For instance, Doctor Stranger had the very best first episode, tight, gripping, eventful, dramatic etc. Then the rest of it was just ok, and the ending, although “happy”, sucked big time, with many questions unanswered and the main leads… oh well, I don’t want to spoil.
But, I mean, if I had written a review after the first episode and then forgot about it, people would think it’s the best drama ever made. Which is far, far from true.


Yeah…that happened. It’s now May 2018 and it’s getting worse and worse by the day. Promises, promises.


I’ve left reviews on dramas that I watched somewhere else here as well. On top of that if I really love a drama I usually write a review within the first 3-4 episodes, then edit the review again after I’ve completed the drama. I’ll also leave reviews for dramas I haven’t finished if i really didn’t like the drama.


Viki has issued some new guidelines about reviews.
Of course it is not very useful, because who reads and follows guidelines? They should just block reviews written before the show has completed.
But at least we’ll be able to give this link to the whiners in comments under the reviews.


No guidelines work here because they don’t really enforce them anyway…


A deception that annoys us: Comment instead of true Reviews.

When we open the page for a drama in Portuguese, it is there in red the link to a “Comentário = comments”, when we clicked thinking about making a comment only, there opens the box for “Críticas = Reviews”, most do not pay attention to the difference, they just do what they wanted to do by clicking “Comentários” and they comment. The link should be written in Portuguese so “Escreva uma Crítica” and do not “Escreva um Comentário”. This may not help to reduce false criticism, but at least it would leave no doubt in the semantics of words.


Please take this to the Help Center. At least they should fix the wrong translation!


Like I said, I do not believe it will change anything, because most people really do not pay attention even and end up not following the rules. But you’re right, I’m going to take this translation issue to the Help Center. Thanks for the tip.


So that at least users won’t have this excuse. Or there may be some people who sincerely think that it’s the comments section.


I just decided to flag every review on pages of upcoming drama when I’m checking them out. Then I do something useful instead of just looking for information about the drama :slight_smile:


Welcome to the club. I routinely do this whenever I go to one. Sometimes, when there are too many “pages” of reviews, I get a bit lazy, but let’s say that I do three pages’ worth every time.


so do we wait till the end of the drama or do each section? I usually wait till the end of a drama to put my comments in.


frustratedwriter…perhaps a lot of people (maybe you too?), don’t scroll down the front page and see that there is an “overall” COMMENT section for the drama? Remember…the ratings get reported!


I KNOW that and YOU know that, but it seems the majority of watcher’s don’t…that’s what I am getting at. They use the comment section and review section interchangeably. They leave spoilers of episodes on the main page, instead of in the episode comments. Subwhining has gone from the comments to the reviews and now in the timed comments. Is there a fix? IDK. Unless they force new subscribers to read the rules and take a test before allowing them to watch, ha, ha, ha.


I like this word. Let’s keep it in our Viki dictionary. Same as EGTs (Evil Google Translators).


- The timed comments - easy, we delete them. Whenever I’m a mod in a show, I make it my job to do this repeatedly, until subs are 100%, but I often come back later on too, before leaving the project, to purge all the F words.
- The reviews: lock them until it has finished airing and is fully subbed (Viki refused to do that, on the contrary, now there is a screen at the end of each episode, starting from ep.1, encouraging people to write reviews)
- The comment sections - give the CM and/or mods the power to moderate it (Viki refused to do that) OR put some Viki staff to do it (Viki refused to do that)

As you see, there are fixes, but Viki doesn’t care enough.