Why are public watch parties now expiring in 15 minutes?


I understand that having abandoned watch parties cluttering the home page is annoying and potentially a waste of resources, but having a public watch party expire in 15 minutes is on the other extreme. That’s hardly enough time for someone to find the party and for the host to start it.


How long was it before?


• Create a separate tab for watch parties


I’m guessing it’s the same reason giggl has a 20-minute limitation - because of server space one needs to reserve for each watch party.


It use to be 24 hours. It’s quite the drastic change.


I always thought the 24 hr expiration was on the long side, especially when I’ve joined some WPs that clearly were abandoned hours earlier, going by the number of people who had popped in and out, but I just wish they’d given a bit more time, an hour, or even 30 minutes, would be nice.


HAHAHA i dont know but i found it funny :frowning:


Another tweak to the WP feature would be to automatically close the WP a bit after the drama ends, not after 15 minutes though, please, because sometimes in a multi-episode watch party you don’t immediately start the next episode if someone needs a break. An hour on either side would be a better for the public ones.
At the time I’m writing this there are two ended WPs that have been there for hours, that the host forgot to close.