Why aren't there any subtitles?! D:<

Or along similar lines, “Where’s the next episode?” or “Please sub!!”
You know what I’m talking about.

Can I just vent for a bit? >.> You’re free to join me, ha.
I don’t know if I’m just in an irritable mood lately, but people asking about episodes and subs have just been bothering me. I’m usually reasonably tolerant of it, but lately, ugh.

Oh hey, did you check the cover page? Did you look at the answer to the question right below yours?

I mean. I feel like I should understand them. Sometimes they’re new. Sometimes they’re really excited, and well, I should be glad that there are more fans of whatever. Sometimes you get genuine rude/uncaring people, but that happens everywhere.
But that begs the question then, if I should understand them, what about them towards me/ the contributors? It’s like they think subs appear like magic.

TV shows still come on like once a week, don’t they? Why do people come on here expecting the whole series to be waiting for them? Why don’t they have any sense of patience? Why can’t they just check back later? Ugh.

Sometimes I just want to blow-up at someone. But that’s unreasonable and bad, so I probably shouldn’t. Right?

Rant end. For now, hahaha~
Always nice to get that off your chest.

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I know what you mean. For those that work hard to contribute it is hard to see people complaining, but I guess it is because they don’t help viki yet, so they don’t really understand that it is not easy hehehe. However I do understand them too, when you get all excited about a drama, you want to see the ep with sub fast heheh. I sub some dramas from port to eng, and even know Portuguese is not in the top 5 languages here, people still complain sometimes :frowning:

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We all have been through that. The “I have waited the entire week for this episode only to find that there is no subs. I am disappointed.” Like the subbers didn’t wait the entire week for the new episode and had the entire week to create subtitles for them. Haha I have held back for years and I know on some days I just want to blast off at these people. The only thing that helps me keep my cool is the other lovely supporters who appreciate our effort and tell those people off on our behalf. Hang in there scircus! You are doing an amazing job :slight_smile:

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I hate it too and right now I’m ignoring most of it and I sometimes laugh at it because it’s all so stupid. Like when people start to lie about the fact that on an other site it’s already subbed when an ep only aired like 4-5 hours ago in Korea (uhm what are you doing here then you liar?). Not to mention people ask for subs within 5 minutes after the ep is uploaded. Or think that something is wrong because some parts have no subs yet. And yes like we contributors didn’t have to wait for the new ep too?! But then again some people think Viki can add eps of series that don’t exist yet… like we can time travel. (would be cool if we could though)

But lucky most are supporting us, cheering us on and thank us. Next to a bunch who just remains invisible for us since they don’t comment on Viki but wait patiently for us to be done too.

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HAHA at first from the title I thought it was another complaining person demanding subs. Thank goodness it is not. And really, I think that all volunteers need a place to rant about this because it can get really irritating. T_T

I understand that people are big fans of dramas and that they really want to see more. But I find it both funny and irritating that they think saying “SUBS PLEASEEEEE” and “Where are the subs” and “SUB FASTER” will magically make us sub faster. If anything, those kinds of demands will make us not want to segment and sub. T_T I feel like whenever I read those comments I feel a lot of negative energy. What annoys me more than that though, is when people feel entitled to subs. They act as though volunteers are obligated to provide fast subs and that if they don’t, then they are just lazy. T__T

Anyways on a brighter note, I’m proud of what viki volunteers do. Not many people actually step up to the plate and contribute to viki. Fighting!

I don’t care because those posts can be easily ignored.

Faster you learn not to take everything seriously, the better. :slight_smile:

y que ocurre cuando se entra a la pagina y ningun dorama tiene subtitulos ???