Why can't i no more find you're all surrounded in viki?

Hi guys Why can’t i no more find you’re all surrounded in viki ? and am i the only one ?


For me, I could watch 2 episodes and then it became not available in my region. Sad. TT.TT

I LOVE this drama I was just watching the newest ep yesterday so it was working over here in Canada :wink:

I can’t find this drama either it is called youre all surrounded and lee seung gi stars in this!!! I am so annoyed can somebody please explain why it is not on the viki app btw i live in England UK

Hi, A quick tip to use the viki search option is:

Never type all the tittle of your channel of search at once, it will always tell you is not there.
Type only the first word of the name and search in the options that it pops out.
If that don’t work type the first 2 words, for example for the channel “You’re all surrounded” Type only : "You’re <----- this way only, and it will pop out the options, if that doesn’t give you the channnel you search type "You’re all " thats it. Hope it helps.

Also the search option give you the options for the channels in the order of Popularity and If the channel is ON Air, for example, for the drama Secret Love Affair, that ended last week, Now that is not on air you have to type “Secret Love” only and it will give you the option, because if you type “Secret” Only, the first option you will see is Secret Garden. When the channel was on air You only had to type “Secret” and the channel “Secret Love Affair” was the first option of your search, Hope I explain myself well. Lol