Why can't i see my pictures?!

Okay, so why are all of the pictures looking like broken phones? I started a viki account because I want to join in on a discussion and maybe start one on my own where I could talk to other k-drama fiends and none of the gifs or pictures work. WAE?!

Yes that’s what we’re asking for weeks now. A reply was that the source probably deleted that pic so it’s broken but it’s not right because we can’t put our own pics either.

We all have the feeling the help center is ignoring this problem @b2utybubbles still no reply right?

@dramaaaaa Okay… that’s not fair. Is there a way I can contact them as well?

I think here you should be able to contact them… good luck !

Have you tried?

Some of them were uploaded from my phone and some from the web

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! wait wait… im not going to get to excited… i will refresh the page…


Yes I will put this link to me request so they now what I mean


@dramaaaaa @b2utybubbles Okay so this is getting annoying…

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When did you contact them?

hahahaha yes… its been getting annoying for a WHOLE MONTH NOW!

like, 14 days ago or so…

Booo… I have no hope.

WAAAHH! yes, i contacted them april 12 soo…

@dramaaaaa WAIT! They’re working! I can see them!

Wow no I can’t upload the links from web anymore. I can’t even see a broken image if you put the link from web

refresh the page :confused:

Oh… wow. There they go…