Why can't I see my thumbnails?

Recently, I’ve been using Viki and I noticed that none of my thumbnails are showing up. At all. The show still plays and I can see the subtitles clearly. It’s just that the thumbnails aren’t showing up.

Not for the shows…


Not for the episodes…


Not for the artists…


At first, I thought it was because I downloaded Viki on my TV (firestick) because that’s when it started happening. I just deleted it from my TV and I still have the same problem. I cleared data and signed back in. I even uninstalled then re-installed. I don’t know what’'s happening but if you do, can you help me out please…

Just one more in a swarm of bugs.

  • I couldn’t access subtitle editor two days ago. Not even the dog would show up
  • I couldn’t click on any of the thumbs yesterday - they would lead me to a bad gateway
  • My watched list (usually the only thing that works when thumbs on the main page don’t) was gone.

Ah, that one made me laugh loud!

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What Hammy was missing too? Thank you for that little smile you gave me, when my mind is so busy in this time.

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He had a name? :grin:

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@irmar Yes, there was once a “real” Hammy, who came to work at Viki with his owner, I think his name was Michael, if I am not mistaken. Back then Michael was the contact for us volunteers, when problems came up and somehow …
OH! The internet doesn’t forget …
Hammy and his owner

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Aw, he’s too cute! And to think that we’ve been cursing his designed counterpart every time we meet him!

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Omg, so cuuute :purple_heart:

@asiyaallie4b_82 what browser are you using I don’t have such layout, is it a laptop… thanks.

I did have a bit of a problem but seems like its ok now today