Why can't I watch videos on fan channels?

I am new here. I don’t know where to ask why I can’t watch the shows listed under Fan Channel. There are a lot of dramas there that I would like to watch but can’t and I am a premium user.

Fan Channels are different from Viki licensed Dramas.
Fan Channel means the channel has been assigned to a CM, but not necessarily that the drama will be on Viki. Once a volunteer has asked for the channel, Viki assigns it as a Fan Channel if approved. After that, Viki will have to negotiate for a license before it’s approved for airing. So if you are trying to access a Fan Channel and there are no Episodes listed then that means it was applied for but no license has been approved yet. You will usually see a place on the Channel Wall requesting fans to put in a request with Viki if interested in that particular drama.
If you see episodes, then this is an older fan channel.
In the past, Viki allowed fans to set up links to outside sources such as YouTube and DailyMotion and volunteers would subtitle them here on Viki. The sources do not originate from Viki so Viki has no control over their availability. If the dramas are removed from YouTube or DailyMotion, then they won’t be available. Viki is no longer able to offer this feature as of a few months ago so there will not be any new ones from outside sources added. The old ones will remain as is, as long as the source is still available.


So you see the videos listed but it goes to a black screen when you try to open one and has a small loading swirl and then nothing>? that is what I am getting. videos appear to be there. no error message shows. it is very annoying without some kind of error like broken link or ANYTHING besides that black viewing area… and the swirly loading circle comes and goes. I have 200 MB internet and so I know it is ok. on different days over weeks and weeks. no fan channel video in any of the 15 dramas I looked at will load for me.

That means either you can’t have access to the videosource from YT or Dailymotion.
Or, the source is gone and as bjohnsonwong mentioned the technical ability to link a video to an episode folder in the channels is no longer available, so the work of the volunteers is lost. The only way to get the channel back to life would be viki obtaining a license and with it getting videos from the license holder.

Thank you, thats what I understood from the next post, it was just frustrating with no error message.