Why cant viki say what countries dramas are licensed in?

Lately I’ve seen where channels have said they can’t list what countries dramas are available. Why? To me that just seems fishy. I mean it feels like they are just trying to force people to buy viki pass (which is a good price) I never knew the things people have to go through just to air a tv show. :open_mouth:


Apparently because of legal reasons with the content provider.

Ah I figured but wasn’t for sure.

Yes, that’s what they’re saying, but what does that actually mean?

How does the provider justify keeping a wider audience from one country in the dark about availability of the content in the other country? Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever!

Meanwhile the CMs have several extra chores - not only to remind moderators not to say anything, but also to monitor the channel wall comments and report/delete them if someone spills the beans. I mean, really!

And for what exactly?!

*having a feeling that soon enough this thread will be closed


A little off topic, but you just wrote something that caught my attention.
I thought that none of us, including C.M., had the power to delete wall comments. I am C.M. of a couple of channels and I haven’t seen any such possibility.

…Yeah, I meant to add into that sentence “timed comments”, but forgot.

No idea about the wall comments. I think they still must be reported and then Viki deals with them. Timed comments though I’m sure I’ve seen a CM somewhere mention she deletes them herself.

Well, if it’s a legal issue between Viki and the content provider, then Viki staff should monitor those comments and delete them, instead of dumping that responsibility to the volunteers. I mean isn’t it enough that our volunteers are spending tons of time recruiting volunteers, creating beautiful channel pages, timed segments, and last but definitely not the least creating accurate and complete translations, bringing Viki so much profit?! I mean, seriously, without the subtitles, Viki will have just a fraction of number of viewers/members!


Yes, timed comments of course can be deleted. I do this dirty job on every series I’m in. Deleting all the cuss words starting by F, all the “Why aren’t the subtitles out yet” and variations thereof, and even “this actor is ugly, look at his awful nose, why his lips are like that?”, that could be upsetting if the actor happens to watch.


I was told that license information is confidential between Viki & Content owner so it should not be posted on the wall.
As a CM I know the regions but I can’t make it public and must make sure nobody else does either. It’s a bit annoying when you receive PM’s of people who want to join the team as a moderator for a language or anything and you see they cannot work on it. Was in debate wether to add them or not. Decided to turn them down for now as they can’t work on it anyway.


even if it’s confidential, viewers will notice as soon as it airs because in the regions where it’s not licensed they will see “no access” or whatever it says… so it’s more or less discoverable… and there is no rules when viewers discover it to share or not to share it, whether in comments or whatever…
As with DF we know they cover only certain continents and because Viki is global it’s often a gamble… I think contenders should be transparent because viewers can figure it out anyway… I think being upfront honest would make it easier on viewers and volunteers instead this guessing game.


add on:
I see so many recent/past Viki dramas even exclusive flying over to DF, I’m itching to compare the subs!!
For example: Moonlight Drawn by Clouds… Viki cover page still says VikiPassExclusive!! Hello??

You read my mind simi11. :slight_smile: I was just thinking of checking the DF subs of “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds,” since they uploaded the whole series already. It’s amazing how quickly that one made it to DF. DF got the exclusives for “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo” and “Drinking Solo” and both are done airing, but no sign that Viki will get them.

Looks like “Goblin” will also be a DF exclusive (it’s tvN after all). Folks over there are not happy about Viki having about 4 exclusives over DF right now. Very unhappy subscribers. :slight_smile:

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Im wondering who’ll get Saimdang, Her Story, I hope Viki will :pray: I noticed on DF some segs are either delayed or subs are missing, people talk and there are no subs… weird… there goes the competitive market… it’s like elections, lol. Apropos Scarlet Heart… I think midway I started getting bored… there was a big buzz about not much… true beautiful up close takes and romancing… but there was something missing… I rather watch Shopping King Louis :+1: that was awesome! Happy :rooster:Turkey Day!!

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Yep…I’ve been checking on “Saimdang” and neither has it yet. DF just has a place holder like Viki does. They are probably still negotiating. Keeping fingers crossed that Viki gets it. :slight_smile: Happy Thanksgiving! :slight_smile:


Yes it is funny to me because I create them later and they only have it if I create them early. DF NEVER EVER EVER subtitles the hard subs but sometimes they do because they stole the segments, timing, and subtitles from us line by line!

Now that Viki has become more company-like, they should start working at protecting our “intellectual property” rights. As in, why would you let your serious competitor get their hands on your own work and then directly hurt your own business?


While I have no doubt that they had stole your subs before, they don’t always steal from Viki. They have paid (but not necessarily well trained) translators and each translator is responsible for the entire drama. I’ve seen some of their work and the quality isn’t great. They had a lot of inaccurate and missing subtitles. I can understand why it’s hard for a person to translate the entire drama accurately up to 100%. However, none of the work that I’ve seen had copied Viki’s work. It’s possible that one or a few of their paid translators may cheat and copy off of us, but I don’t believe majority of them do. And I would think that if DF finds out that their translator had plagiarized, he/she would get fired.

Anybody can apply to become their translator and they don’t get paid that much. So maybe the person who copied from you is some young and inexperienced who didn’t know any better.

As you know, I only volunteer for Viki and I’m not trying to defend DF. But I just don’t want to see blanket statements like that because not all DF translators copy from Viki.

If you notice them plagiarizing your work again on the future, please go ahead and report it to Viki and Viki staff can deal directly with DF.

While I sub for Viki, I don’t work for Viki. The reason I sub k-dramas is for non-Korean speaking k-drama lovers to enjoy them. So I personally don’t mind it if other sites take my subs and spread it for others to watch. Of course, I know that Viki subs are a result of collaboration of many people, and I understand that not everyone feels the same way and that’s fine.



Part of it might be to stop people from using proxies and VPNs to watch content that’s not licensed in their region? Just a guess though.

From a viewer’s perspective though, it’s definitely annoying.

I thought with Viki pass it would be passable but: >>>

Viki Pass does not include access to geo-blocked content or regionally restricted content. If the show you want to watch is not available in your region, subscribing to Viki Pass will not remove this restriction.

so even with Viki pass even if you pay more you still can’t watch if there’s region restriction. but I do wish they tell which video is passable for the regions

Can CM have the power to delete the review of the drama instead of a comment?