Why change like this?

now if i want to check translation progress i have to open an episode, previously all you had to do was to move the cursor over an epiosde, it’s pretty inconvenient right now


I agree. Is this a technical glitch? If not, please change it back to how it was before. A huge downgrade in ease of use.


I dont like it either. I wanted to see progress on a channel for a certain episode and I saw that…Its really annoying. I hope its just a glitch or they change it back. Its not helpful at all.

The last version was already less convenient than the one before because we only had access to the first part of an episode. Viki is becoming less and less user frendly… :frowning:

Well it doesn’t say 100% anymore…
So I’d wager whatever they’re trying to make, it’s still full of glitches.

Some channels seem like they display a percent completion for the whole episode, whereas some look like they display it for the first part. And then, some things look they’re in between, so I don’t know what to think.

Okay, a bit unrelated, but what’s the point of having the description plastered everywhere? It’s on the thing when you over over an episode, it’s under every video… Now I’d understand if they were actual synopsis per video, but it’s always just the drama plot. Seems unnecessary.

It shows the percent for the entire channel, not the episode so it’s hard to tell whats done.

If you click on the blue “28” as it is in your excample, you will get the list of the status of subtitles in the different languages, like it was before.
But I think it is still not out of beta version since where ever I tried it, it would show 88% English.
It really doesn’t make too much sense to have the summery everywhere.

It doesnt show up like that for me. I see the same numbers for each episode.

That might be browser related, if it’s a new feature (can I say feature?), well I guess you know what I mean it rarely is running well from the start. Give the programmers some time, it might be okay till the weekend. If not you still can make a request at the helpcenter.^^

Is anyone else having problems with the bulk translator?

yeah, but its not like it was before, sadly as Haiqa said [quote]It shows the percent for the entire channel[/quote]

As far as I can tell, it’s displaying (more or less) the percent complete per episode as of now. And bulk translation seems fine now too…

Yeah. Its showing per episode now, but you have to click on it. Bulk translator is fine for me today.
I couldn’t even go on yesterday.

Well for me this evening it showed the percentage of the episode.
Just checked it again at the Cunning Single Lady channel, where ep 7 was uploaded today English Subs are at 95% right now, ep 6 shows 100%.
I am using Mozilla Firefox.
And maybe you need to sign out and in again to make the “magic” of viki do it’s work, I don’t know.
Try it, maybe it will change for you as well.
Good luck, for all the coming changes^^
P.S. After reading the other comments, I did not need to click on it to show, it did while sliding over it.

Now its showing up w/o clicking.

its all good now :slight_smile: