Why do kdramas always pick a hot second lead and make u fall for them?!

sometimes i love the lead so much,i want the female lead to be with him no matter what! but then a beautiful looking second lead swoops in and bam!! there goes my ship!! or i still want the 1st lead but the georgous 2nd lead just makes it hard i want her to be with both!! lol

but sometimes… 2nd lead COMPLETELY TAKE OVER 1st lead,and u just know they wont end up together,and it breaks your HEART to see that it wont happen!!especially if they help out the female lead allot!! know any dramas that did this to you?take a moment and share pics and talk over our this sick twisted SECOND-LEAD-CRUSH-ATTACK-BIAS-WRECKING-SYNDROME!! i have many but i will just post two of my most disappointing 2nd lead syndroms that never ended up with the lead and BROKE my HEART TO PIECES!!


ahhhhh that smileeee broke my heart x(


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Jaja, that happens to me all the time! I love the lead role, but I fall in love with the second too!

How can we choose between Ji Sung and Hero???

In Cyrano dating agency

In Love Rain, all the Yoona lovers was so cute!!

Personal taste (I want she at the end be with Min Ho of couse, but, I like this man!)

and my favourite!! In this drama I’d love Nam Goong Nim the most!

I believe that drama producers know women so much, and do all that beautiful dramas that captivates us forever!!!

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**Don’t forget the dramas I Need Romance 1 & 2 **

AHH!!! i agree!! lol but do they have to break our hearts?? XD i tottally agree with u on love rain and protect the boss,those i have seen i was thinking of seeing the others but i guess i will also have second lead syndrome on those aswell x( ahh!! why why why why

ahh i need to see those. is it good? xD

My lips are sealed! :blush: lol

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Maybe because the second lead is often the bad boy haha i have the impression that women love bad boy characters don´t know haha

Bad boys? In all these cases… not at all!

They’re so good and sexy that make us fall for them. You gotta watch!


hahaha thats why i said often maybe i should say sometimes … I mean in heirs for example young do
But yeah i´m with you they are often the good guys who lose in the end

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I especially luved the 2nd lead in Dream High. I was SO delighted watching the last episode. Alternately, I loved Lee Ki-woo in Flower boy Ramen shop and she went with the 1st male lead. It was too obvious that the 2nd male was the better choice…

i actually liked the 1st lead in flower boy ramyn shop better :wink: maybe cuz he was soo good looking (jung il woo)!! and he had great charisma but i loveeddddd the second lead in dream high!! i was so happy she fell for him because they never fall for the second leads and i liked him soo much!!! im glad she fell for him he was so deserving of her love his life was so sad i was like COME ON!! HE HAS TO GET THE GIRL!! THIS IS RIDICULOUS!! and i also liked that they changed it up once again in dream high 2 because SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER WARNING HAHAHA although i felt bad for the guy who liked her,i really thought she was gonna end up with him and jb would end up with his ex and i didnt like that.but when i saw jb falling for her i just fell for him so hard xD im so glad they ended up together xD

Ahhhh Jung Il Woo my love … Did you watch The moon that embraces the sun
It was so hard because the 1st lead is Kim Soo Hyun (I love him so much) and the 2nd lead is Jung Il woo and I love both T-T
Even if I cried a lot for Jung Il woo I was happy that she ends up with the King … But that was obvious ahhh it´s difficult

Come on how can that not be difficult ?
I think I drifted a little bit from the topic haha

OMG that means im gonna have a difficult time T.T because im planning on watching it :smiley: omg im gonna die i love them both idk whats gonna happen to me lol

I’m currently watching “I hear your voice”, and this image answer your question? :smiley:

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I totally agree! i think that sometimes the 2nd lead actor tries harder because they are so ends up outshine the main. For me it was kim woo bin in heirs, i wanted to know more about his story than i did kin tan. Did anyone else find that in heirs?

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I think there are many who agree with you but for me it was kim tan… i love young do but… seriously i would never choose somebody who treated me like that… i know he did many things for her and changed at the end but in relation to her kim tan was the better choice. . He tried so hard to protect her and loved her so much…
Thats my opinion but i know why you like woo bin that much : )

Exactly! Hot second lead who ends up alone. T_T

For me, it was the most difficult to accept…

Yoo Ah in in Sungkyunkwan Scandal !

Yepp he is the hero in that drama but ends up alone… life is hard for us kdramafans

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-QnG2lMoixRk/UhU_66XEGuI/AAAAAAAABJw/7Q-ScSSOUG8/s1600/stars_falling_from_the_sky_540334.jpgit´s the same for me to in all these dramas and in stars falling from the sky