Why do people always hate on the female lead?

Every time i watch a drama thats stars a female lead, i always contemplate whether or not
to turn the comments on. Even if the female lead is amazing, the comment section is filled with hateful comments. I know sometimes you can get too into a drama and hate the character but sometimes I see the most heinous comments. I agree, most of the female leads are in k drama are shown as naive little girls who cry a lot. But even with the few strong female leads, MANY people still hate on every thing she does. Also, when there is an altercation between a male and female character, no one is on her side. Even when she is the one in the right! It makes me so mad when girls are always standing up for their “oppa”, saying the main girl is so annoying, and that she is stupid when their f*ckin “Oppa” is the one being an ass. Explain the hate to me girls. Why. Oh and in addition, hateful ladies, when you call the leads ugly and talk shit about their appearance, take a second to remember that she is a person playing a PART, a very wealthy celebrity may I add, and you are just someone sitting at home talking shit behind a screen adding to her revenue.


Actually, I’ve been contemplating on the exact same thing.

Why is it so much easier and so much more socially accepted to hate more your own gender? It’s not just the dramas here on Viki - I see this in everyday life, too. But I don’t want to misdirect your topic here.

Women in dramas are flawed for a reason. It is to bring them closer to us, so that we are able to identify with them more easily. None of us is perfect, and I’m not talking about the physical appearance here at all.

So, these imperfect lady characters are often bullied by saying they are weak, ignorant, not worthy of the main character/lead. Or even the second lead. If the main female has a harem of men going after her, she immediately provokes the sense of inadequacy for the women watching. So, I wonder if this is a consequence of jealousy. Since we women identify so much with the female lead, could it be that we are telling ourselves we should be in her shoes and therefore she is not worthy of the main lead? And therefore we hate.

On the other hand, the male lead in the drama is purposefully idealised in order to be worshipped by the entire female audience. So, if he does something stupid, well, the female is flawed so she obviously deserved it. Or more like, the playing field is even now and she shouldn’t complain.

As I said, these are just my thoughts on the matter. And I feel this women-hating-other-women is something deep in our psyche, in our society, and we need to get rid of it now!

By disrespecting other women just because they are not men, we are disrespecting ourselves, too.

Finally, I have also noticed something which irks me tremendously. Actresses come second in almost every credits here on Viki. Even when the show is about them!

Examples: Another Oh Hae Young, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, The Story of Ming Lan, Princess Agents, The Last Empress, Bride of the Water God, The King’s Woman

I mean, I could go on and on :angry:


We hate the female character when it’s written as an annoying, whiny child, clinging to someone even when chased away with no dignity, no self-reliance. But still full of narrow-minded and misplaced pride, ready to take offense and misunderstand everything. Drowning her sorrows in soju and making even more of a fool of herself, vomiting on the man’s good suit and passing out, ready to be robbed/raped/killed, if the male lead doesn’t go to rescue her. A victim waiting for a white knight. All this, while being dressed as a clown in short baggy pants and a horizontal-stripe T-shirt with men’s chunky shoes.
This sorry creature, though, becomes a love interest of a seemingly perfect guy. Dream on, viewers.
Blame the writers, not the haters. Yes, they want the public to identify with the plain and stupid heroine who gets a prince, but why go to such extremes? Sorry but I don’t identify with such a woman, I just cringe with second-hand embarrassment!
We also hate the male character when he behaves as a cold-hearted jerk, of course. But most of the time he is right to be annoyed.
Take “She was pretty”, for instance. I wanted to slap the heroine for at least the first three episodes. And it wasn’t by far the only time.

Did you see anyone hate Secretary Kim? Of course not, she was so cool while also being adorable! Or Madame Antoine? No, she was so clever and poised, not to mention a great beauty. Or Cha Soo Hyeon in “Encounter”? Or the lawyer daughter in “Father is Strange”? Or the woman in “I Am Not a Robot”, who was so lovable? Nobody would ever dare to say these heroines were annoying and nobody did.
Even in “My Strange Hero”, people initially hated the heroine because she had ruined her lover’s life nine years ago incriminating him when he was innocent. But when she said she was sorry and explained, we all whole-heartedly forgave her.
On the contrary, in “Familiar Wife”, the wife was annoying as hell, she was really excessive and over the top in her unreasonable demands and her treatment of her husband - whom she was the one to chase relentlessly before they got married - screaming and yelling like a fury, throwing out his dearly bought stuff behind his back and even throwing a pointy thing at his face. Still it was the husband who had to apologize, and everybody blamed him much more than her in the comments!

So, no, we have every right to say someone is stupid and annoying if the writer has made her stupid and annoying.
If anything, I’m sick and tired of this sort of writing of women characters, which is demeaning to womankind. Yes, they are kind-hearted, loyal, compassionate and pure (typical desirable “female” attributes in a patriarchal society) but that’s about all. And to think that most k-drama writers are women. One would think that THEY hate women. Or they are just adapting to what the Korean public wants… Ugh!


Well, honestly, I couldn’t watch She’s Was Pretty until the end because she was so incredibly annoying. Which I ascribe to a very popular type of Korean comedy that just doesn’t sit well with me. Many people found her role hilarious and the show itself was a success.

The character of main female in Encounter is minimalistic at best. Asides from her loneliness, for me she is as shallow and unidimensional a character as there can possibly be. Completely uninteresting and not real at all.

But, an interesting point with My Strange Hero. :thinking: So, people blamed the female lead for destroying nine years of male lead’s life? What utter absurdity. As just one person, did she honestly hold this much power over his life? Did she single-handedly and deliberately do it? Only then would I accept her blame. But she didn’t. And she was apparently so easily blamed. I hope she got some honest champions to fight for her in the discussion thread.

Going to add my personal opinion to the ‘Why do people always hate on the female lead?’
I kind of rejoice Irmar’s opinion when we curse the FL for being dumb or turn into a victim or she acts against nature laws in some situations with her love interest XD

I think there’s a mix between who we are and between what is shown on screen to explain these fierce reactions:

1/ Age (and generations)

  • More you grow, less you’re tolerant or patient toward stupidity (from what I could see from people around me). So less you’re forgiving to stupidity coming from a lambda character.
    In dramas, you’re bound to see idiocy = one of the ingredients in some dramas (this is what I started to believe).
    From a stupid mistake, it triggers emotions in viewers and creates some unusual situations for instance, where you’ll judge there’s someone who is right and someone who is wrong. The bad one and the good one.
    In general, more you hate one character, more you will root for the antipode or the person who goes against her or the one who is trying to reason her or in the love triangle, the other female. Similarly, more you love one part in a love triangle, more you’ll hate the other part.

With age, come the generations of viewers.

  • People have more easily a bad mouth than before. Not only youngsters. More people get to know Kdramas including youngsters thanks to Netflix for ex (you buy to watch US series, but then in the catalogue you discover Asian series).
  • We have a larger population of all ages.
  • We express more easily our emotions, hate or love, with internet and when we write. The lock that you’d have in real life when you talk (sense of propriety) could disappear once you’re becoming someone else on the internet. You can say what you want without having to care who is going to read you. Just express, just tell, criticize all you want, it’s a freedom that you don’t have in real life and the actor will never get back at you for saying that…

    2/ Worshipping and shipping
  • I think among the haters, they are die-hard fans of some actors.
    So I guess they don’t like that the FL is not worthy of him XD
    Now each one has her own ideal of the woman or the woman who should convene to the actor in question.
  • You pick among females in the drama, the one where you could portray the love relationship better or the best love and once you pick your side, you find excuses to convince yourself that the other side is not good enough no matter what she does or everything she does is bad xD
  • Who says that worshipping an Oppa can’t make fans blind to Oppa’s flaws? He always deserves better XD

3/ Aesthetics In Korea, beauty has been really in vogue and the criteria of beauty in Korea is showing on Kdramas. It could be that among viewers, some take really into heart the appearance of the heroin, like people in Korea who really take care of looks. When you have watched a lot, your eyes can kind of become used to see some standards of beauty. The typical Korean beauty, so if you see an actress who doesn't fit in these criteria... you unconsciously compare to other Kdramas actresses that you've watched before: "She's not so beautiful... (compared to... what you could have seen already). - Is the FL's look essential for you or the Oppa has to be with someone you find beautiful?
4/ Values of women, place and role - More you grow, more you understand that women and men are not equal (I'm not into feminism, but if you watch some Kdramas or Cdramas, you could convert to it). I don't see the same look toward women in Korean society through Kdramas compared to the one in my society. Yup, some differences between how women are perceived are treated in my society. Sometimes, I can understand some critics because I see that the one who wrote the comment shares the same values. The woman's role in society, the woman in a relationship, the woman in the family, etc. I don't always like how women are portrayed in dramas, for me, it's like brainwashing young girls, so I can't watch some types of Kdramas because of how women are portrayed or how love is portrayed.

5/ Cultural differences?
I’ve mostly seen cursing words in English (b* etc.)
If I look into French comments, I think I’ve never seen cursing words, the equivalent or similar words (or maybe I haven’t watched the dramas where it happened and I don’t know for other languages).
I don’t really know if it’s more common for American ppl to curse easily while watching dramas or… XD
I don’t curse while watching a drama.

7/ Recurrent FL or stories
More you watch kdramas, more you’re grown accustomed to see typical situations that happen in kdramas, same with types of characters and FL.
There’s an actress I feel like, no matter what she plays, it’s like I’m seeing the same character in every drama she plays.
It’s not hating the FL, more on how the character is portrayed by the actress.
And then you have the scriptwriter (I agree with Irmar’s post here). How the FL is portrayed by the scriptwriter?
After seeing the same type of character reincarnating in many dramas, you just want that someone finds an innovative idea.
Not only in leads but in the story itself, have you ever felt that by watching a few dramas, you’ve watched a handful of them?

6/ Taste (always) What kind of FC do you like? Everyone will have a different opinion XD

More you grow, more you know yourself better
And so your tastes and your dislikes.
Compared to before, I’ve felt like that my character is more established than when I was younger and watching dramas.
Like in love relationships, you begin to flirt, date, break up, hook up with someone else and it continues…
And then comes a time when you know better what you want, who will fit you, what kind of relationship you want. You become more assertive and you’re more thinking at the long-term scale (maybe it’s hormones shift or who knows, another life crisis?)
Same with tastes in movies, dramas, series (in my case).
I know better what I want and what I’d like to watch, what kind of story would interest me, what kind of FL I’d like to watch and the ones that I’d dislike and I’m not afraid to say that I didn’t like a certain type of FL. Is it a bad thing that I dislike a certain type of FL or dramas?

Before, I didn’t see it as losing time, watching an overbearing FL or FL who will be the cause of some frustration for a few 20 hours, but now I see it as losing time. Same with love, why spending time to date when you know already that it’s not going to last or you both don’t fit?
Maybe, I’ve become more like a consumer, I have to take pleasure instantly when I consume. I don’t want to wait, I don’t want that the leads don’t fit what I’m expecting from the very first ep, etc. Or should I say pickier?

And so…

7/ The FL I’d like to watch has grown with me.
Some romance dramas I’d like to watch a long time before, I would have a different opinion today.
The FL I liked before are not the same FL I like now.
When I was younger, I’d have loved the romance Kdramas that are currently shown (it’s a pity) because I have a certain ideal of love and fantasies. But now that I don’t have the same fantasies or the way I love is not the same way I loved or how to say it, I don’t see love or relationships the same way. Some experiences change you a lot, even in your tastes.
A writer who has experienced a certain love and can fully express it on a drama to the point I can relate or think that it could be real or happen in real life, I think there I’d be interested to watch, because it’s really hard to depict a love relationship or the feeling of love, a good part of it is immaterial, thoughts, something inside that is not always shown through eyes. It’s easier for me to identify to FL in books or chicklit than in dramas, because in books, I know exactly what the FL thinks (and her thoughts can balance some stupid acts she did). In dramas, I might be more severe with the FL because I only have the FL actions to base my opinion on XD


Cursing - it’s not just in the comments section. Americans translating dramas from Korean to English are too quick to write the “b” word. Kijibae I don’t translate with that harsh word. In my language I translate it as a special form of “girl”, which I think is more faithful to the original meaning.

Now, this is true with any type of drama (romance, crime, political), but as I discovered not so long ago, Viki is serving its audience a lot of the same thing (read: mushy romance) probably because it sells so well. The innovative dramas are out there, but they are not hyped and hence have less chance of getting onto Viki.

Amen to that!

I somewhat agree with you on this point. However, there is also something we should take into account. The final stamp of approval on any drama is given by a bunch of men. Almost always. If those men don’t understand the drama because its too “female”, they will not approve it, saying it’s too risky money-wise. The storyline may be logical from (mostly) a woman’s point of view, or the female lead is logical to the more progressive Korean women, but not the society itself. It doesn’t really matter, that drama will get cut in the bud.

This happens on American television, as well. Tina Fey told a story how a few years back she and the women of SNL performed a sketch about tampons in front of the SNL producers, all men. The response they got was baffling - they didn’t understand it. So the ladies explained why they thought it was funny. The producers scratched their heads and said they don’t know how to decide, but if the ladies all firmly believed in tampons sketch, they were willing to try it. Now, comedy is perhaps the most liberal form of television art I could think of. And even there the tampons were a problem for the men in charge of business.

What Korean drama business needs right now is established writers (male or female), who are enjoying more freedom in the script-writing process than your average writer, to finally faithfully portray women as they are, in all manners and shapes.

Did you watch the drama?
A boy wanted to commit suicide, falling from the terrace. Our lead, Bok Soo, tried to help him and pull him up again, but the suicide boy left his hand and screamed “Save me” (which in Korean means “Spare me!” - it’s the same verb, and is often mistranslated, as it was here).
Bok Soo’s girlfriend came late on the terrace, just on time to hear that “Save me!”.
The suicide boy survived and lied that he had been pushed (because he was jealous, he wanted the girl too).
Her testimony confirmed the accusation that Bok Soo had pushed his classmate from the terrace in order to kill him. This meant he was kicked out of school as a violent person and barely escaped prison. When we actually know he was completely innocent, on the contrary he was trying to save the person who wanted to commit suicide.
Not only that, but she completely turned her back on him, (they were dating or almost dating before), and never contacted him again. So she also broke his heart. If this is not ruining his life (or helping ruin his life), what is? Of course she wasn’t the only one. The suicide guy who lied that he had been pushed was the main culprit, but he was of course also bashed by the viewers - that goes without saying.
All this is no spoiler, it’s in the synopsis and in the very first scenes. The following I am obscuring, though.

Later on, it was clarified that she didn’t actually say “Yes, he tried to kill him” or “Yes he pushed him”, but just repeated what she heard, that she heard the suicide guy say “Save me!” while falling down. So technically she didn’t lie, she said the truth. Later on, it was explained that yes, saying just one piece of the truth is not enough. She never said that what she knew of Bok Soo was that he was a person with a golden heart and that he was actually a good friend of the suicide guy who always helped him in every way etc. etc. All this might have put everything into perspective, shed some doubt. One piece of the truth is not enough, when it can be a misunderstanding, or be used by people in a bad way.
More importantly, she didn’t go to Bok Soo and ask him what the truth is, and trusted him, based on what she knew about him: on the contrary, she immediately believed that he was a bad guy who tried to kill someone!
There is another thing as well: the real bad guy (the suicide guy), told her that Bok Soo spread some unpleasant rumors about her. And she immediately believed the bad guy. She never went to confront Bok Soo and ask for explanations, to hear his own side of the story. She immediately believed the other guy.

All this, in my opinion, is more than enough for blaming the female lead for her part in the destruction of the male lead’s life, and her superficial handling of the whole issue, when she knew the repercussions that her actions would have. She showed immaturity, lack of trust and lack of judgment.

Yes, I’m watching the series, so I know what you’re talking about. I wouldn’t dare otherwise to mention it.

Note: everything I say further is a spoiler.

But, here’s the thing. People saying she destroyed the boy’s life is still a massive exaggeration.

  • They forget that she is a character who has trust issues and is massively insecure in her poor origins. She is just waiting for someone to “destroy” her in school by saying the truth about her. When that happens, she at first reacts with anger, which is what we initially liked about this heroine. (Good for her!) As a 17-year old, a child, she creates a wall of silence around herself to defend herself. She doesn’t want to talk to the main lead. Given enough time she would’ve cooled down and given the main lead a chance to explain. However, bad luck, the incident on the roof happens the same morning.
  • People also forget that there ever was anybody else involved in the expulsion of main lead, asides from those three characters on the roof. When in fact we know what the school’s intentions were, and they were just waiting for an opportunity. The headmistress, the teachers and other school staff, either actively working against the hooligan main lead or just watching it happen, even though the main lead is a child and they are the “responsible” adults. It didn’t help that the second lead/villain was headmistresses suicidal son.
  • Then we have to mention that the main culprit in all of this is not the female lead but the mentioned suicidal son, raised by a psycho mom. Lying, manipulative, unscrupulous. The perfect villain damaged psychologically from early age. But people still blame the female lead?
  • I doubt that the female lead, when not saying anything more to the school board, but the bare truth of what she saw and heard on the roof, I doubt she ever knew what was coming. She would’ve probably changed the way she reacted. However, none of us know the consequences of our decisions, and blaming someone retrogradely is unfair.
  • Finally, even the main lead character rationally says he doesn’t blame her for saying what she did to the school about the roof incident, only that he blames her for not asking him what really happened. And yet, people still blame the female lead for everything?

And then the unrealistic fact that nobody spoke to nobody for nine full years and then miraculously all three meet in the exact same school at the same time? Well, the script is purposefully naive there in my opinion.

So, to sum up here, it seems people’s anger was centered around the female lead’s mistake and vented entirely on her, for reasons I cannot comprehend. And in the meantime, the real, malintented culprits are left loose from all the blame.

I have seen many of them, its their job to act that way in a drama, thats the way I look at it, these are some fantastic actors in my book, in those dramas, i9ts someone you love to hate. at those times they are the ones you would love to throtle them. but give them a break, thats what they are being paid for. and just think, they play a hateful person in one drama and you catchem later in another drama, so sweet,kind etc. now thats acting. and btw, that goes for the male leads too.

I didn’t see people say the girl was the main culprit. Of course the main culprit was seen as the suicidal boy - adding his mom later on, who was the instigator. But the girl being the only witness, her testimonial was a deciding factor.
She didn’t foresee the consequences when she implied that Bok Su tried to kill someone? Come on! It’s been a looong time since I was 17 or 18, but I clearly remember we were not that oblivious to reality to not know about attempted murder. Pushing someone is not manslaughter (as it would be if they fooled around and by mistake one of them fell down the terrace), it is intentional. So if she confirmed the falsehood the suicidal guy said, it meant she confirmed that Bok Su was a murderer.
Yes, Bok Su was ready to forgive her and understand her point of view because he’s crazy in love with her. His friends took a while more to stomach her again, and it happened when they saw her sincere repentance.
And the magical thing is that once all these explanations were given, the public also readily forgave her.

Okay, you have a point that she must have known it would be considered attempted murder. And that is a serious offence, asking for serious measures. I still think that if she were given enough time she would’ve corrected her mistakes, but even that would not change Bok Soo’s fate. However, then we would have no plot in this drama.

But, asides from this show, I’ve seen female characters been undeservingly accused of preposterous things. While male characters seem to enjoy some sort of immunity even when on the verge of being stalkers and especially when being over-possessive “boyfriends”/jerks.

I try not to look at the comments anymore because I can’t handle well the stupidity crowding that section.

I understand if you don’t like a character because you cant relate to her, but that doesn’t give you the right to talk shit about her appearance. I seen people say “oh why won’t she just die” even if its a character, like what the heck! There has never been a time when i hated a person so much that wish she would die (well accept mean adjummas), and thats such a juvenile way of thinking. Oh and btw, in “She Was Pretty,” she was supposed to be quirky, and the main lead was an ABSOLUTE ASS. If people took his side, that kinda shows me alot about those people. Wow. A girl really cant be herself this day in age without being hated, and thats what we girls fought so hard for.

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I think it’s because the vast majority of viewers are women so it’s easier to hate on them and just admire the men for being beautiful. Just look at any drama that casts a guy from a Korean boy band. The abuse every other character (especially the female lead) gets in the comments is unbelievable. It’s unhealthy.


I think that behavior is totally disgusting the way some cultures attack girls over guys. Women should respect each other and not ENVY so much. Like they did to poor SuzyA when she got involved with Minho! I have never felt so disgusted in my life to read the things they said about Suzy, even wishing her death because she was with Minho!

Who in their right mind does this? Over a guy that won’t give them a second of their life. If anything, most of these male ‘‘IDOLS’’ obviously hate the females fan that are clingy, cries and harass them. They even at times have a disgust look in their face they can’t hide. And who can blame them?

Now, when it comes to a character played in a drama/movie come on please! I have read comments wishing them to die and saying horrible things about this actress/actor that is just playing a role and he/she’s are so good at it, that people actually dislike them but from that to cursing them and wishing them to die is beyond human understanding./comprehension.

I just don’t get it! Why they actually think this actress/actor is really the character. They must be missing a screw in their head.

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Where in my post did you see anything about her appearance? She was supposed to not be pretty, that was part of her role, so her appearance was okay for the part.
But if you mean her style (clothes, shows etc), she was dresed like a homeless clown.
As for her personality it was not quirky but annoying and completely useless in many ways.
You see a speckless white background for pictures and you walk on it with your dirty shoes from the street? And that in Korea, where they take off shoes on every occasion, not only in the house but often in the workplace as well? And that’s a small example.

I don’t turn the comments on. Whenever I do, I see such a comment flash by and it just annoys me (plus, the sub requests, spoilers and cussing).

It’s not only in dramas, where maybe they hate the character and not the actors themselves (which often isn’t the case), but also in variety shows O.O

I liked watching variety shows with the comments on, there were some genuinely funny comments in there. Now, I often see comments about how certain people have to stay away from their “oppa’s” because they aren’t good enough for them. Sigh. In variety shows people often play a “character” as well, but it’s much more about a person’s personal life than written dramas are.

As for dramas, some characters are written in such a way that they come off as annoying. I just don’t get why people watch the whole drama if they find the characters so annoying :confused:

Exactly! If you don’t like something, stop watching it and move onto characters that you would love. Maybe then, some writers would step up their game :slight_smile:

@bozoli This is off topic, but yes! I don’t know why people translate Kijibae (Gijibae?) to the b-word either.


I was very surprised for variety shows such as the Return of Superman because I originally thought it was 100% natural!
I wonder if the guests are not paid for their apparition on the show because some of them are superstars (Girls’ Generation, EXO, Sunmi, Lee Dong Wook, Cha Tae Hyun…). Probably :thinking:

It makes me wonder if the parents are not acting or even children (maybe not in every part). Do people ask them to behave like that or not to do some things…

Some timed comments are really funny: like “who chopped the onions?” or some suggests other dramas from the actor that I’ve never watched or even suggestions in dramas: I saw a thriller like that on Viki thanks to a timed comment.
Or some explain things that we couldn’t catch or when I saw a thriller, we’re kind of have to guess who’s the killer and everyone makes suppositions, and in my mind, I’m like, “Oh yeah, me too! I think it must be him” or “now that you say it, it’s kind of strange!”
=> That are the good comments XD

For the bad timed comments like cursing, we can flag them, too!
And it works, but it takes time (so it’s better to ask a moderator or the CM, whoever is responsible for deleting timed comments on a drama).

I don’t have much time to watch anything nowadays, so no problem with FL from dramas :slight_smile: but I’m currently reading the first chapters of “Princess Agents”, I’m kind of struggling to continue.
I don’t know if I should watch the drama (the main reason is the story of “a female slave” kind of rebukes me). This story has a lot of beatings, violence, it was kind of gory to read the very first chapters that I lost appetite when I read it, men are over dominating females and children are killed merciless by youngsters.
So I kind of expect the drama will be gory with blood and intestines everywhere… But as always, we hope that she frees herself, etc. What keeps me wanting to continue reading is how she’s going to change her condition. I only hope she doesn’t have Stockholm syndrome or the guy doesn’t have Lima syndrome…

Now that I think about it, I don’t remember I’ve ever watched a drama with Stockholm syndrome or Lima syndrome, people must go crazy in comments on these dramas :slight_smile:
Any ideas of dramas like that?


Actually, the beginning of “Princess Agents” seems to be designed to shock and glue the audience to the story. Overall I don’t think the drama is that gory. On the contrary, the killings are way to “neat” in my opinion. To the point of perhaps being unrealistic. There is only one particularly heavy event in the middle of the series, but it is necessary to bring seriousness and weight to the rest of the story.

Personally, I was thrilled with this drama. Even as a slave, she is “rude”, manipulative and looses her temper easily. And yet, she has my admiration. Because all of those personal characteristics are outshined by what she stands for.

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I don’t know how it is developed in the drama, so I might spoil someone.

The beginning of the book was in the modern world, I don’t know at all the drama. I skipped a lot of paragraphs for the modern part: normally, they make it really short for this part in transmigration novels. This one, a good part of it was dedicated to her modern life, whereas the chapters focus later on her new life, giving little space to her modern life. The modern part didn’t bring something more for me as a reader. The part where it became interesting but also, kind of :mask:

Chapter 4 & 5 (credits and thanks to the translator & editor):

"In those huge cages were a bunch of young girls no older than seven to eight years old. There were twenty of them in each cage and each girl only had a piece of rough short gown on them. On their chests were large words that made them look like prisoners, and the words differed with each cage. There were ‘Mu’, ‘Wei’, ‘Yan’, ‘Zhuge’. But for Zhao Jue and Zhao Che, they were set apart by ‘Jue’ and ‘Che’ respectively. These children had been closed in a dark cage for too long. When a light suddenly shone in the cage, they could not open their eyes and huddled together in shock like a bunch of cowardly rabbits.

The stench of blood filled the arena, pitiful screams and pleas shooting into the sky. Sharp arrows pierced through the thin shoulders and chests of the children. With fresh blood flowing out, their frail bodies looked as if red flowers were blooming on them. Agitated by the stench of blood, the pack of wolves became more ferocious. A navy blue wolf jumped into the air and bit one of the children right in the neck, snapping it with a bite. Before she could scream, another wolf tore off one of her legs and another bit through her skull. Her white brains and fresh red blood mixed into a mess, spraying all over the snow-covered ground.
The children that survived were overjoyed. Ignoring the wounds on their body, they cheered loudly.

However, even before their cheers could be heard, another wave of arrows rained down on them, piercing through their small bodies.

The empire’s aristocratic descendants shot ruthlessly with their sharp eyesight. Unsympathetically, they aimed right at the children in front of them with bloodthirsty arrows coming in for the kill.

An arrow swooshed through the air coming at a frightening speed, shooting through a child’s head with a thud, entering through her left eye and coming out from the back of her head, stopping right in front of Jing Yue Er’s nose. Warm blood splattered all over her face and she opened her mouth. With the burning rod being held tightly in her grip, she froze. The cries of children reverberated to the sides of her ears. It was all like a nightmare.

The arrows started to lessen as Prince Wei and Mu Yun laughed in unison. Both pulled back their bows, took aim right at the girl, and released an arrow, letting them speed through the air."

Though I don’t like gory, if the drama is less “crude”, it would be a pity because when I read it, the author wants it to be savage and cruel. It’s really vivid and descriptive in many parts of the novel, that I can’t imagine the drama without these traits, even if it makes me :astonished:

I think it’s the most interesting moment I’ve got to read for the beginning of this novel.
The transition between the modern part and this part was abrupt, the next part is even cut harder. It got me really confused, it’s like reaching a peak with the arena, then deflating like a balloon.

I normally know when I want to continue or not, but this one, I don’t know. I put it on break, take it back for a few paragraphs, something is off, I just stop and read something else and it goes on and on. I don’t know if I like the FL or one character in the beginning of the story. For the moment, she’s an adult trapped in a child body, but she doesn’t act like an adult, nor a child. I thought “Two years later” will bring something new, but…

I expect something, but it doesn’t come yet, so I have to read scenes that make me frown harder XD That’s why I put it on break. I’ll try again later!

Since we’re talking about FL (for Chinese novel/Drama), the FL I like in Chinese novels that I could read:
Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss. (transmigration)
One about mecha with a FL (which is a rarity) and the novel is good:
It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
We follow the thoughts of a FL adult “soul” trapped in the body of a baby still in the womb of her mother. But then, due to circumstances, she has to grow up disguised as a man.
The story is really fresh since it starts with “if I were reborn as a baby still not born, what would be my reactions?” And the development is like a whole new world in the stars :slight_smile:
Little romance, more like a friendship first, but I like the one she will be with.

What I like is that there are completely new worlds that the author invented. New rules and limits are only the author’s imagination :slight_smile:

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When in doubt, always keep reading! Regret of not doing is crueler than the regret of doing.

The excerpt from the book, which you posted, relatively accurately describes the first episode or two of the series. The captivating part. But now the mystery begins, one that won’t be solved until way into the series’ second part.

There was no modern part in the series because the Chinese government forbade any time-travelling dramas that and the following years.

I hope you had the chance to watch The Story of Ming Lan. Probably the most original female lead I have ever seen on screen. And the cause of some great discussions in the comment field. Yes, sometimes the comment field actually serves its purpose :laughing: