Why does my browser ask: Install Viki Discussions?

What would this do and is it safe?


Maybe you can rename this thread to discuss the changes made to the discussions Forum. Hint: Focus on the App for discussions.

That doesn’t really answer my question. So let me rephrase it.

What does the app have that the website doesn’t?

And who is issuing this app and guaranteeing that it’s safe, when Viki user accounts can be easily broken into.


Your titled question was answered. The discussion Forum is now an App. Let me add here, along with the website.


In answer to your rephrased question, you could have directed it to @vikicommunity who acknowledged changes being made to the forum in their posted thread. This is another reason to do a search before creating a new thread. See link, and quote below for the thread. I myself have not checked out the App in detail to know what it has, that the website doesn’t. So far it seems a replica of what’s here on the website. In the links in my first reply, others are discovering the changes just made on the website, and sharing. You may want to check those links.

I ask you kindly not to talk down to me.

I know what I asked, I know why I asked it here.


@bozoli ,

If my answer is not answering your questions, as I suggested, please address the @vikicommunity or wait patiently for another person to respond.


I have seen too many people here in DISCUSSION; posting links that are corrupted (some are being done by ppl we’ve known for years). Why are they allowed to be doing that in here?

I can understand @bozoli concerns and frustration since this is one more thing now we have to be worrying about. I have flagged several links, and they still here (I checked after maintenance was done). Now they just ‘‘hide’’ the posting, but you can still read and have access to the Advertising link they added in their comment. They need to check that out.