[Viki Community Team] February 2023 Updates

:unicorn: Spring Subathon & Badge Animal

Thank you for voting! There were over 500 responses for the final vote, and we are happy to announce that the next Subathon badge will be a Unicorn! :unicorn: Click below to see the results.
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Also RSVP for our upcoming 2023 Spring Subathon on March 11th - 25th (PST)! :cherry_blossom: More details will be sent out to you soon!
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:sparkles: Site Updates

:new: Viki Pass Benefit Updates

In order to make it easier for all QCs to receive their QC benefits, we’ve made some updates!

QC Benefit Auto-Application

We would like to inform you that all active QCs are no longer receiving any Viki Pass coupons. Our system is now automatically granting QC benefits to all users who have reached active QC Status!

For contributors who are super close to reaching QC status and are already trialing or subscribed to Viki Pass, please be sure to cancel your paid Viki Pass Subscription BEFORE becoming a QC. Our system will not be able to issue the free Viki Pass benefit to your account if you have an active subscription.

For more information check out these Help Center Articles:
:arrow_forward: How to make sure I get my free QC Viki Pass benefits
:arrow_forward: How to view my QC Viki Pass benefits

New Profile Page QC Benefit Tags

As part of the QC benefit auto-apply change, starting February 15th, 2023 at 6PM (PST), active QCs who are currently receiving a Viki Pass benefit will now see a NEW QC specific tag on their public profile. This tag will replace the general blue Viki Pass tags that were assigned to anyone with a Viki Pass subscription.

The tags are as follows:

QC Benefits (Plus) – Formerly labeled Viki Pass Plus

QC Benefits (Standard) – Formerly labeled Viki Pass Standard

If you have a paid Viki Pass subscription and active QC benefits at the same time then both tags will appear on your profile.

Although we have added a new tag to reflect your QC benefit status, we can assure you that there will be no changes to your Viki Pass benefits apart from the new auto-apply functionality.

:wave: Meet VIA

We would like to formally introduce you to VIA, a new member of the Viki Community, short for "Viki Information Assistant."

VIA is a virtual assistant that can be found in the Help Center chat. You may also see her in the Discussions forum from time to time. Please feel free to check out her profile!

:hammer_and_wrench: Planned Discussions Maintenance:

The Discussions forum is scheduled for maintenance on February 15th, 2023 from 12:00 AM to 2:30 AM (PST), and will be unavailable to use during this time. We appreciate your understanding.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the entire Viki team!



Severely understaffed, they hire a new staff member and it’s a robot.


Why does it say: Viki Pass, when it should say Viki Pass Standard, especially with the advantage of using Chromecast?


I’ve also noticed this changement on my profile. I don’t know why. But I still have access to drama with Viki pass standard.

Any news about qc gift?

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Still the same from January [Viki Community Team] January 2023 Updates

I quote that as well… I feel like in a fog… not knowing :wink:

When will the “get VikiPass” in the app be fixed so I can cast on my TV again from the app?! It’s taking way too long and I’m getting really annoyed it’s still not working. Instead Viki seems to work on things we didn’t even ask for.

And yes information about our QC gift would be nice.


It does not work at all! I can reach my Chromecast device, but then it says to subscribe to a standard - pass, although I am a QC with standard benefits.



Did you follow the instruction and click where you had to? Although it might seem to be unnecessary there are certain steps that needed to be followed to confirm your viki pass whether standard or Plus. This could be the issue or not…

Check this out bc you never know until you try it. Good Luck.
No Viki Pass Error - #34 by jasgiul

I’m still waiting also. I can’t use viki on my TV with the app but I can see my QC advantage on PC but not on the app. While i still have access to viki pass dramas by using my mobile and the app…

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I’ve tried to restore my advantage QC by log again but it doesn’t work.

Thank you guys for commenting, I thought I was alone


Why those who have a QC benefits ( Standard) can’t cast from their app but told to get viki pass ???
Do those who have a QC benefits (Plus) have these chromecast problems with the app ?

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What about the benefit of the APP? I noticed that on my phone (when I enter through the app) this benefit is not active.


I am having the same problem! It’s getting me, seriously! I can’t watch on my TV! And my QC Status is active, where’s my benefits?


Hello, although on my app there is a get viki pass indicated I have no problem watching the plus videos and can also cast without any problems. Hope this help.

I can’t cast from the app actually,it wants me to go to the viki website to get viki pass… How do you do to avoid this problem ?


Hello again, okay let me try if we can find the problem. First what is your tier? How long have you been a qc? What device are you using? Also location you don’t have to be specific like asia, north america.

I am just a QC, since 2021 if I remember. Chromecast works fine if I cast from laptop to chomecast but doesn’t work if I cast from my phone (android app, you can see in the comments, I am not the only one). I am in Europe.
Edit : the app wants me to subscribe and not letting me cast a video