Why I am hesitant to go for premium subscription

As I am browsing the videos, I notice there are two sets of subtitles–one is in English (which I want) but the other is apparently, Korean. Also, the background singing that is in most dramas shows the words of the song.

I only want one set of subtitles showing if I am watching a video. I also don’t like seeing the words to the songs on the screen. It gets in the way of the dialog. There should be a way to configure the settings so a subscriber can turn off what they don’t want. Those 2 things are making me very hesitant about subscribing to Viki. I have subscribed in the past and would like to again. Am the only person who feels this way?


@linda_cameron I guess everyone is different when it come to how they view a drama. The song and words never bother me because I enjoy the songs and voices and want to know the words. I hope you know that if the original dialog or dialogue is in Korean or Chinese the English subtitles are cover over them maybe some time you may see a little just before the original words are fully cover.

But I have Not find that to be a problem with most of Viki dramas. Now back to the songs or singing most are at the introduction of a drama or if there is a romantic love scenes, maybe you will heard singing but not all the time. And if you are watching Asian dramas you can expect singing of a voice some where in the scenario. That is the Asian style of expressions in their dramas.


Hi Linda,
if there is really two sets of subtitles you should check your video settings, if the learn mode is active.

As I don’t know what device you are using, you might find the help through these links or the other links mentioned there.

The song texts in Asian drama almost all the time support the story and isn’t only “accessory”, so I like that we get the translation here at Viki, but I can comprehend why you might think differently, however those lyrics are in the same space as the normal subtitles so it is not possible to turn them off.



Concerning the translation of song verses, since dramas feature mostly Kpop or Cpop tracks, I believe it is a welcome addition. They add to the mood of a scene, but I understand that some find them rather distracting. Unfortunately, they cannot be turned off separately, but they are easily recognised since they are placed between emojis, such as :notes:
You can just ignore them. Please do not let such a minor inconvenience prevent you from renewing your subscription and enjoying some really wonderful shows and movies.


When I watch a drama, I will watch it on my big screen TV using the Viki app with one of my streaming devices–like Roku or Amazon FireStick. But at the moment, while browsing through videos to see if I want to subscribe again, I was at my desktop computer using my web browser at Viki.com.

Don’t get me wrong. I do like the singing and music backgrounds but I just don’t like seeing the captions for it onscreen. It would be nice if that could be turned off and on for those who prefer it.

When I subscribed in the past, I didn’t see two sets of subtitles–one English and one probably Korean. Since it is showing up using my Mac computer and web browser, I am worried it is a permanent thing.

I just checked Viki on my iPad and only the English subs are showing. I don’t know why the Korean subs are on my desktop computer/web browser.

I like to be able to look at the actual drama, actors, and scenery and that is hard enough with just one set of subtitles to read.

Thanks for all the replies. I will definitely subscribe again, the minute the new Lee Min Ho drama is available, if not sooner. I was a longtime subscriber of DramaFever. Hope Viki sticks around.

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This is the easiest thing to turn off. Just play the video, and then click on the little settings icon on the bottom right. You will find “Learn Mode” among the options. Just click on the little slider thingy on the right and the Korean will disappear.
If you’re experiencing any further difficulties, tell us. Someone will surely help you.


I also use Roku that is the only way I enjoy watching my Asian dramas on my TV I love the set up. Also Roku gave a very recent up dates this month version 9.2.0 depending on your model ( I use the box ) if you use Roku more than your other steaming devices be sure you get updates Viki also give updates. Also it would be a good idea to follow the instructions that Member tweet998 suggest. I hope all get better for you. Don’t give up on your Viki plan.

Learn mode is turned on. Thanks.

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Good idea to make sure my Viki app is updated on the Roku. I don’t know if Roku updates it automatically. It does update the Roku itself automatically. Thanks.

Yes it do up date automatically but on the New Version like 9.2.0 updated for Roku, it want you to click on Update Now or Later then the process will began and restart. I usually like to manually do it myself. Also it good to manually do it because their are sometime updates for other Apps like Netflix ect. on Roku and Viki give their own Updates using Roku so it good to keep up with it. :slight_smile:

Building a subtitle software takes time to develop. I don’t think they will invest their time to develop trivial issues like that. All subtitles are under creative commons.