Why I can't found the episodes of real love(amor real)

why I can’t found the episodes of real love(amor real) I search but I get nothing and two days before was available please help me I really like this telenovela

Probably because it’s not on Viki.

The list of all Mexican telenovelas is here:


There are 2 options if it was on Viki before and not anymore:

  1. The license has expired so it’s taken down.
  2. If it was a fanchannel the content owner might have asked Viki to take it down since they don’t pay for a license. That’s the risk of fanchannels, some are allowed until the content owner complains.

thank you but it was on viki and I alerdy watched some episodes

thank you and I think that it was a fan channel so I think that I can’t see this beautiful drama anymore. there is any solution for this problem?

Amor Real, Pasion, Corazon Salvaje, Ramona…Their channels are all deleted. My favorite shows…That’s so sad we can’t enjoy with them anymore.

that’s true is so sad that we can’t see them anymore do you know why are deleted ? is any hope to see them again

I think there is an issue about copyright.

Is there a possibility to find any of the deleted channels the subtitles? I need only the subtitles for personal use for the telenovela pasion. If someone has them please contact with me.