Why Is It That None Of The DF Titles Have Retained Their Original English And Spanish Subs?

I’m really glad that VIKI has brought over most of the dramas that had been initially exclusive to DF, especially since they were never available in Europe, but what happened to their English and Spanish subs? I really don’t think it’s fair to re-translate older titles, not when new ones are constantly coming out. It’s extra work for people who I’m pretty sure already have enough on their plate.


Some but not all former DF titles are being uploaded with the DF English subs. On some that are not automatically uploaded with subs, Eng and ES are being provided for viki volunteer staff to use or not use. And finally on some old DF titles, we are being provided no prior subs in any language. As volunteers, we have no idea how the decisions are being made as to which dramas come with subs and which don’t.
But we viki volunteers give added value even when the drama is uploaded with subs and add the OST and any skipped lines in the DF verison are subbed by our volunteers. We do add in the family terms in place of the proper nouns to give it a unique Korean flavor rather than being vanilla American big network tv.


Well, there is also one other thing that was not yet mentioned here and that is that some prefer Viki subs over DF subs. Whether it is because of added explanations or the more literal and complete translation or due to the charm of Korean vocabulary such as ahjussi, oppas and noonas, I do not know.

But yes, once the DF titles came to Viki, the English language community suffered greatly. And along with them, the rest of us.


Not only Viki subs over DF subs but over NF subs, too. Yesterday I watched the latest episode from “Chocolate”, which is on NF. And I laughed so hard, when the younger brother of the female lead called the male lead “hyung” and it was translated with “my man”. The whole scene lost its sense with this “my man”.


Now that’s just plain funny :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:


Ohh dear. I once laughed so hard when a sister called her brother and the brother was translated as a she instead of a he. While he was on screen all the time! And to make matters worse, a few scenes later they switched their names as well. If only they looked at the screen or paid more attention to the names if you don’t want to use “oppa” or “noona”.

Lucky eventually Viki got a license for Cheese In The Trap so we could give it better subs then DF.


Yup, I’m happy I can understand some Korean and Chinese so that the sentences that are being said make sense to me in the OL, but not the subs (on NF). They are soooo bad. And they often skip written text, which is also frustrating.

Not familiarwith how DF did their subs, since DF wasn’t available to me :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, I agree. Sometimes I think how Viki subbers would sub the sentence instead; or, I would think how I would have subbed it differently. I guess the Viki subbers have spoiled me with their translations :slight_smile:


Huahua! 진짜? :joy::joy::joy::joy:


So true! I’m not saying that the NF subbers don’t work hard, but they definitely don’t have the same passion for it as the Viki subbers do, because Viki subbers think like / are the viewers, so they translate things (and explain things) that other sites don’t.



I just watched that episode today a while ago, and the subtitle ‘‘my man’’ still there (15 days later), and you are so right he just said hyung. I was wondering why they wrote ‘‘my man’’ since it didn’t sound right for a man to say it to another man but now I understand that the subber made a big booboo there lol

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