Why is the request form not working anymore? (SOLVED)



I am really confused right now… is this only a bug or will viki get another form?


It’s as it says. They don’t work with those forms anymore since a year or 2?!


Nope! I’ve used it many times until yesterday or so. :confused:



yes, me 2 (:



You have to do the request through the help center now.

The Help Center has a new look and feel!

A new Request a TV Show or Movie form is available on the Help Center. This has replaced the old request a title form, which is no longer active. But don’t worry if you submitted requests recently! We have that information on file.


This doesn’t work. I just got told that I have no right to see this site.


You’re right.
I saw that they made a new title request form which can be accessed through the Help Center.
I got informed of that through the newsletter e-mail.
(It’s almost the same as the old one just with minor edits)



I think that’s a bug bc it was happening to me a lot in other places I went to (VIKI IDEAS one of them), and it said I had no access/permission to that place. I went a few times and I can go and see the page with no issues. Give it a few days, and check to see any changes. But if it continues like that, you should contact camille