Why isn't Ip Man (2013 TV drama) on Viki

I don’t know how many of you are fan of the Ip Man film series:





I think by now some of you may have heard about the 2013 TV drama of the same name with Kevin Cheng playing the title character:


Now this show got a blu-ray release in the US and probably in Europe too:




What really baffle me is that this drama is not on any streaming site and that include Viki. Releasing a Chinese TV drama like that on blu-ray will not sell a lot, but putting this show on streaming site like Viki would really help the drama a lot (and also fans of Ip Man film could end up watching Chinese and Korean TV dramas as a result). Also this particular TV drama could have been marketed heavily on Viki if Cinedigm allowed this drama to be streamed on Viki.

EDIT: It would make more sense both financially, and audience wise if Cinedigm and their Chinese licensors had allowed Ip Man TV drama to be given a streaming right on Viki rather then a blu-ray release.

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