Why nobody are talking about this kdrama?

I started ‘‘Crash course in romance’’ in Netflix (in Netflix are only 6 ep.) and i loved :heart_eyes:. I loved the story and the characters, is a very good kdrama. So i don’t understand why nobody are talking about this kdrama :thinking:. If you don’t know him, now you know him and I really recommend him. Well I just wanted more people to know about it :sweat_smile:. So good bye :wave:.


Great drama, I agree :blush: I look forward to every new episode NX pops out. Good balance between the silly and the serious. Also, the whole Korean education has been covered to death from the perspective of Mothers and children. It’s refreshing to look at the same issue from the angle of the teachers in cramming/evening schools.

I guess Discussions is traditionally more used for volunteering work on Viki. But no reason not to talk about dramas, as well.


I really love this drama, i don’t like to watch ongoing dramas because i hate the waiting & also hate sad endings so i wait to make sure the ending is good lol. But from YT shorts i just had to watch it & now can’t wait for the next ep tomorrow. i wish if Viki will air it here.


If it’s a NF drama, no chance for it to come on Viki. Or veeeeery slim.
I’m like you, if I’m not volunteering I tend to avoid on-air dramas, but wait to see how it was from the reviews and comments before starting.
Unless they are clearly labeled as romantic comedy or family drama, in which case I know there will be a happy ending.


I am watching! I’m a Jung Kyung-ho fan since HP and will watch anything he’s in. My husband is a fan of his, too, so we’re both watching, and he hates to binge so he likes that we can only watch 2 episodes a week. (Boo!) We both feel it’s too bad there isn’t more chemistry between him and Jeon Do-yeon–the age difference between them is distracting we find. I’d say that’s the series biggest flaw, and I’m pretty happy with everything else. We also do a lot of yelling at the screen–there are some people making very bad choices in this show! But it’s still fun.

Just a note about where we are thus far with this show, and a comparison to My Roommate is a Gumiho, with spoilers:I really like how the main couple have gotten together already and we get to see them interact together as the plot plays out. My favorite romance dramas get the couple together as early as possible and give us the satisfaction of watching them tackle problems together. By comparison, I just finished watching My Roommate is a Gumiho and I felt completely cheated that we didn’t get to see Hye-sun and Jae-jin together as a true couple more. It could have been fun to have Hye-sun share her secret with him sooner and get them in on all the action. The last couple of episodes felt like a ridiculous rush. Crash Course is letting me enjoy the enjoy the romance more fully. .

Now, my man Choi Chi-yeol just needs to stop tucking in his sweaters so I can fully enjoy him! He’s dreamy when not dressed like a grandpa. Love the black suits!!!

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I love that Kdrama! Can’t wait for the next 2 eps.

I don’t really get the motive asistent Ji has. He wants to protect Chi Yeol because he was there for his sister who died but why would he also go after people who also want to protect Chi Yeol. Won’t surprise me if he’s gay and is jealous of Haeng Seon but still it’s weird. You just don’t know if he’s a friend or foe. And I feel so sorry for Sun Jae and his brother. To have such a mother, but all those mothers are crazy it makes me cringe. But I’m also like just tell her you love her you idiot before the other guy steals her away.

To bad next week will be the last.

Disclaimer do not read my spoiler if you don’t want to be spoiled… I watched 14 eps.

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Most of the talk about this drama is happening outside of Discussions :sweat_smile: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Btw, the amount of MDL comments that feel like they were bamboozled about the murder plot was annoying at first, but now it’s become funny. So many comments complain about it. Maybe Nfx should’ve used the other title instead: ‘One Shot Scandal’ :joy: :joy: :joy:

(Am I allowed to post a screenshot like this? If not I’ll remove it)

I think that last question was rhetorical :rofl:


Hahaha! This lady is funny :joy: I get what she’s saying. But it can also be understood from another angle. The insane angle :crazy_face:


That whole plotline is weird but let’s just ignore that.

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No, let’s celebrate it :tada: :grin:

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