Why not reveal licensed areas?

I’ve seen lately that a lot of dramas state that they can’t say where they are licensed.

I’m asking about the reason it is done by the network, not if it’s fair, easy to trick etc.

I’m curious as to why a company wouldn’t say if their product is available in the country, it doesn’t make sense.

Yes we are told that the media contenders demand so, but ultimately when licensed it’s revealed indirectly according to from which continent the fans can see it, this info is certainly shared, it’s kind of a joke, but I wonder if contenders aren’t seeing this, if this has to do with the competitive streaming sites… it’s all a backstage happening probably only few know about. But somehow it makes no sense on the front :sunglasses:
or am I wrong?

I do understand why content owners don’t like to have it mentioned but it’s such a hassle and yep people can easily find out by just scrolling through the comment sections. It should not be mentioned in the comment sections either but what can you do when many people don’t care and post about it anyway?

Um, why is my question. If you understand the why, please share.

To my knowledge, Viki has never given any reason except that it is at the request of the content’s owner. So why would the content’s owner keep the licenses secret ? We can only make assumptions.
Assumption n°1 : The more there are licensed areas, the more they earn money. And thus they don’t want to be transparent about their profits.
Assumption n° 2: They don’t want competitor sites to know about it. For example, when they sell an exclusivity to DF and sell it also to Viki for a different area. Who knows what they do with their content? Maybe they sell it to multiple buyers around the world.

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If I can find out reading the comments section, I’m pretty sure the execs in DF already know it. So it only works if they’re trying to hide profits or licensed countries from a person who won’t even care to do a google search about it.

It just bugs me, it makes no sense.

I agree with you. Still, the comments don’t prove anything. Maybe the viewers use a vpn application, maybe they live in a licensed area but use a different language, or they are premium members or it’s a bug…
When the licensed areas are officially disclosed, I think it’s different.

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I mean, why the secrecy? If the problem is business rivals, they surely don’t rely on Viki’s pages to find out, that’s not how it works.

And viewers don’t care, we just go where it’s available.