Why Viki to contribute?

After answering negatively to a message asking if I can subtitle/segment on not official websites, main reasons are:

After thinking about it, I don’t think that I should go away from Viki, because I’m already stretching my time and the remaining time, I want to use it on Viki.

I also want for viewers to be able to watch it, and if possible on Viki, because I’m French, but I’m not only French, I’m also part of this world, so not only in Spanish, I want to promote dramas in all languages.

For that, Viki was the solution for me, promoting every language, first in French, but more I’m spending time on Viki, more I meet people from every country and I want to support them on Viki.

If volunteers begin to go way or if they spend less time on Viki, all of this won’t be anymore possible and we have to use our own ways, as some are doing, which I can understand for dramas that Viki doesn’t have.

But for dramas that Viki has and that are translated in Spanish, people won’t go on Viki and go watch on not official websites and we won’t have the possibility to do this legally (but for every language).
If a big part of the Spanish speaking community here is going away, we would have less dramas on Viki and we would have less Spanish friends to talk with and to share with.
So it’s not helping us to have missing dramas that we want, not only for English or Spanish, for every language here.
We’d have less audience, we’d have less contributors, we’d have less dramas, what would remain here?

I like dramas that Viki don’t have, but I still want to promote dramas in every language possible. And Viki is the legal solution for us for every language.

I met a lot of Spanish friends here, when I go on other websites, I don’t make friends at all. The Viki community is in this sense unique for me, because I can meet and talk with many countries here.

Personal choice, others can do what they want, what seems right for them. Thank you for understanding my choice and if I could not receive this type of message anymore, it would be nice, gaining time for both parties :slight_smile: