Why "Watch history" and not "Continue where you left off"?

As Viki switched to the new front page layout, I can’t help but wonder if the Watch history category needs improving…

Problem 1: When marathoning one series and watching another new series on a weekly basis, the whole point of finding where you left off is lost. Why? Because you will see loads of episodes of the marathoned series, while the episode of your weekly series is stuck somewhere behind.

Solution 1: Instead of showing every single episode of a show, why not show only the last episode?

Problem 2: Let’s say I finished watching episode 12 of a show. Why on earth would I want to click on it to watch it again? I want to go to the next episode, right?

Solution 2: Instead of the last seen episode, show the next one.


Because the whole point of watching history is to show everything you watched. Whether this is useful or not is debatable, but if we need a history, then it needs to have everything. And they are in historical order, so if you want, what you can do is edit and delete the unneeded ones.
Where you left off in a particular episode works, so yes, as soon as you click on it you will be taken to the point where you dozed off last night - although it’s a good idea to rewind a bit, because the last minutes you were half asleep and probably don’t remember!
What you want, if I understand correctly, is for it to only show you only the unfinished dramas, the ones where you didn’t get to the last minute of the last episode. So it should look on a database, how many episodes the drama has, and if you finished the last one. And take into account that most of us don’t stay until the very last ending credits, so we don’t really finish episodes completely.
I suppose it’s feasible, but it’s a wholly different feature than history. (And what about if you wanted to re-watch a particularly touching scene?)


:flushed: I didn’t know you could edit Watch history. Probably because I have zero use of it anyway.

Yes, it seems like I want a completely new feature! It would be perfect if we had that option.

AND I want a choice to remove Watch history from the title page. I can’t stress enough how useless that category is to me.

On the other hand I really like other categories, such as Recommended by Viki, Only on Viki, Movies etc.

I like it is now like this, @bozoli :wink:. It shows only the last episode you’ve watched. My list goes back to what I was watching last September! :rofl: I love that change so much that I had to revive this topic! :smile:

And you can see it the way irmar likes on your profile page. :slight_smile: While the “continue watching” is on the home page.

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omg… :astonished: This is amazing! :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

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