Why were "Switch" episodes divided into two halves?


So I recently finished Switch and it’s clear from the episode numbering that it was a 16-episode series (and by the way it abruptly ends and then the next segment starts) but for some reason, it has been divided into 32 episodes instead?

I’ve watched a LOT of Kdramas over the last couple of years and haven’t ever seen this done before? I assume done by VIKI? Thanks


In this case it’s probably not, it is a drama from SBS. I don’t recall exactly when it started, might have been that year 2018, but could have been early. Korean broadcasters are not allowed to show advertisement in a drama episode, so they started to say one episode is half an hour and in between they were able to bring on advertisement to earn some extra money, as we all know production coast are not getting cheaper either.
So, it got nothing to do with Viki, it is related to the license holder in this case SBS.


Ahhhh interesting. Pretty clever of them really :slight_smile: Thanks so much for replying :blush:


Very interesting. I never knew the reason. But they started doing it a few years back.

Some streaming sites will combine the episodes for better viewing.