Why women love

Anyone watching this at the moment? This drama tries to use every romantic clichés in the book delivered with a Hollywood aesthetic. Feels so different to your usual Chinese drama. What do others think?

I just got caught up to this one yesterday and am loving it! Yes it uses all the usual cliches, but in a really refreshing self-aware way, and the leads have chemistry that’s unusual in a Chinese drama. I think both leads are gorgeous - I thought FL was very striking in “You Are My Glory” and love seeing her star in something. ML is very easy on the eyes as well! Somehow he reminds me a little of Marcus Chang, and indeed this drama might be filling the hole in my heart that finishing Lost Romance did–both seem like emotionally mature, chemistry-filled /adult/ relationships. I’ve been watching a lot of high school dramas so this is a nice palate cleanser.

I do wish the second leads added more to the drama. I don’t need to love or hate a second lead, but these ones just seem superfluous.

I am waiting for it to air completely. I’m going to give it a chance for WangZiyi (ML). ^-^

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I actually just noticed this one today over on Youtube. It looks interesting and possibly promising, as well. I think I will start it later today and see how it goes.

my bestie has been edging me on to watch it but i might wait till all the episodes come out we’ll see

I’ve been debating on waiting until the entire drama is up but it really does look good. Right now, I’m watching the F4 Thailand: Boys to Flowers, which is only played on Saturdays, so I have asked myself if I want to pick up one more that is running. I keep coming back to that one sentence in my head, “But it looks soo good!”

lol i’m also currently watching hello the sharpshooter

Well, I did take the plunge and now I’m officially hooked. It’s been really great and I’m not sure which couple I’m in love with, the most. There is a secondary couple who are too cute and really funny, that I have been enjoying watching. The main couple, it has been interesting watching them interact. I have to admit, I do love the chemistry between them. Alas, here comes the waiting game with it, but it looks very promising and I have been enjoying the ride, so far.

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Same I started it, I’m at episode 5. I love main couple interactions I am already dreading when the neitzens find out that her bestie (FL from well-intended love) is actually divorced…sigh…