Wich Drama made you LOL, and which made you cry a river? ¿Qué drama te hizo morir de risa y cuál llorar a mares?

Hi everyone! I love K dramas, because can do feel us anything: love, angry, LOL, sad, cry, joy, etc, etc.
The drama that made me LOL was “A gentleman’s dignity”, all actors and actresses were so funny. “Secret Garden” too.

And 2 dramas, made me cry a river… The story about the Princes and her Royal Guard in “The King 2 hearts” (Omo, everytime I remember :*( !!!), and last 2 episodes of “The queen’s Hyeon Man”.

And you?

Hola a todos! Amo los dramas coreanos, porque me producen todos los sentimientos: amor, ira, carcajadas, tristeza, llanto, alegría, etc, etc, etc.
El drama en el que más me reí, fue “A gentleman’s dignity”, todos los actores y actrices eran tan divertidos!. Y “Secret Garden”, también me hizo reír mucho.
Y dos dramas que hicieron llorar a mares… La historia de amor entre la Princesa y su Guardia Real en “The King 2 hearts” (Omo, cada vez que lo recuerdo :*( !!!), y los últimos dos episodios de “The queen`s Hyeon Man”.

¿Y a tí?

hola Playfullkiss es mi LOL. tanto que no podía creer lo que veía en algunas escenas, me acuerdo que en ese tiempo hasta le ponía pausa, me levantaba, tomaba agua caminaba un poco y regresaba al rodeo. comparto el mismo sentimiento con A gentreman´s dignity, cada vez que la profesora metía la pata, solo me decía QUE OSOOOOO, Claro que no solo ella sino los ahjussis, otro Kdrama que era para morirse es Aswer me 1999, con el sonido de la cabra.

y los que si me han hecho llorar que aunque es un buen kdrama pero para verlo solo una vez o mucho despues es The King 2 hearts, ya sabes la historia del rey hermano mayor, de su hermanita y el guardia real. otro que si llore fue en The queen of the class, esa maestra una buena maestras de verdad, al igual que en school 2013.

bueno por el momento esas se me vienen a la mente, espero recordar otras y regreso para compartir.

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Have you watched I am sorry, I love you or A love to kill? So many made me dropp the tears. As a movie, i’ll suggest for now More than blue with Kwon Sang Woo.

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Ahh yo morí de risa con “A Genteman’s Dignity” ¡Me fascina!. También gocé con “Rooftop Prince”
Lloré mares con la película Japonesa “Koizora” me acuerdo y me dan ganas de seguir llorando.

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A Millionaire’s First Love bawled my eyes out!!! Switch Girl actually the majority of J-Dramas make me LOL!! XD

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hola bueno a mi I miss you pero cuando eran adolescente y la muchacha fue abusada sexualmente (llore demasiado senti su dolor)…mmm creo que algunos episodios de master sun me hicieron morir de risa (sobre todo cuando era poseida por varios fantasmas).

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The last two episodes of Queen In-hyun’s Man had me sobbing like a baby too. It’s my favorite drama. The drama “A Thousand Days Promise” is really sad, I cried throughout the entire drama. It’s the story of a man (Kim Rae-won) and a woman that are having an affair (because he’s promised to someone else). When he finds out that his lover has early Alzheimers, he breaks his engagement and marries his lover. The drama then follows her rapid decline becoming overtaken by the illness.

The drama that made me laugh that most was Personal Taste (Lee Mi-ho). It’s about an architect that pretends to be gay in order to rent a room from a crazy furniture designer.

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I loved the movie More than Blue. I cried my eyes out watching that movie. Kwon Sang Woo is sooooooooooo handsome!


Uy siiiii ! Cómo lloré con esos niños! Parece que van a protagonizar un dorama juntos, muy pronto!

The queen’s Hyeon man is my favourite too!!!
Personal taste, I like too. I love the girl, was so funny, a complete disaster!
Athousand days promise I don’t see it yet, I’ll put it in my list.

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Good question! I couldn’t stop crying during Queen Seon-deok and That Winter, The Wind Blows pushed me to tears a few times too (superb acting). I found You’re Beautiful to be really funny (Jeremy and his imagination!) and AGD as well of course :wink:


I am totally agreeing with you in both or you selection. I cried so much In queen In Hyun’ man and laughed hard at personal taste!!!


Innocent Man
Marriage Contract
Super Daddy etc

Drama that made me laugh a lot: Marriage, Not Dating
I cried (quite a lot) for: Fated To Love You, It’s Okay, That’s Love

the drama made me cry was iljiame in which little girl killed by horse ride byson of embasader and iljame give her already beautiful pink ribbon. In that drama there was many such sad scene of iljame which made you cry like his mother, sister etc

I have seen so many! maybe the masters sun, or Queen In-hyun’s Man but that did turn me onto these drama stories, I am hooked!! maybe love from another star. thoise ones time travel from now to the past ; faith, dr jin etc. Hooked!

For me the drama that mades me cry is the pinoy drama in the philippines. like these episode i always watch
Doble Kara December 13 2016
The Greatest Love December 13 2016
Magpahanggang Wakas December 13 2016

Those are the scene i don’t miss to watch. It touches my heart and cry and thats the best drama for me…

  • Pinocchio ( first few episodes and then later with his brother)
  • It’s Okay It’s Love ( 80% of show)
  • Kill Me Heal Me
  • Scarlet Heart Ryeo
  • Werewolf Boy ( SJK scenes)
  • Chicago Typewriter ( past scenes)
  • Shine or Go Crazy
  • Gu Family Book ( 1st love story)
  • All In
  • I Can Hear Your Heart ( past scenes)
  • Hello Monster
  • Angel Eyes ( younger couple)


  • Hours of My Life
  • Made me cry a river?

There is only one: 1 litre of tears (Ichi Rittoru no Namida ) One of my favourites Japanese dramas.


* Made me laugh?

I think the Japanese dramas are the best in comedy genre. And My boss, My hero was very funny.
The heir of a Yakuza gang, in order to become the next boss, must go back to high school and graduate.


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