Will Snowdrop be cancelled like Joseon Exorcist?


Wow, that’s shocking to know. I wished you could explain it here so we can get a better understanding of the words used, but the part of popularity is what confuse me.

If the person is very popular: What word is used for ‘‘passing away’’

If they are not very popular or if is a regular person: How they describe the passing/death of a person?

I want it based on Telugu language not Hindi. Thanks in advance.


The way of reporting, I guess: Not at all, briefly, in detail.



I’m very sorry that I’m replying very late, i was actually little busy, i did popup here now and then, but i didn’t get time to type all this

I’m a native Telugu speaker and I’m not fluent in Hindi, so I would definitely share it based on Telugu. And I’m not very fluent in English so, please don’t mind if my grammar is wrong.

I don’t know whether it’s the same in your country/region or not, it is very common in my state.
The word they use for ’ dead body’ is different and it depends on the popularity/ social status of the person who passed away.

When they report the death of a normal/ unknown person, they use - మృతదేహం (mruthadeham) which means dead body

If that person is very popular ( mostly in case of people who are in the movie field) - they use 2 different words - భౌతిక కాయం( which literally means physical body / life less body) and if an elderly and a great person passes away they use - పార్థివ దేహం which also means dead body ( but very sacred one) and they telecast about them the whole day or until they get any other blasting news to increase their TRP s.which i don’t like at all.

I honestly don’t know if I’m doing the right thing or not, by pointing this out publicly.

Edit : I used Google.translator for పార్థివ దేహం - it showed earthly body


we all know that translations stick to American standards, so we try to make it as clean of other-culture references as possible :slightly_smiling_face:




It took them quite a while to realise that, lol.