Will the subbing for Scarlet Heart 2 ever be completed?

I have watched this series faithfully until the subbing became partial and it happened at the worst possible timing. I would really love to finish this drama and am hoping that someone could take the time to finish subs. It is like reading an exciting novel, come to the best part only to find out the rest of the book is missing. Here’s crossing my fingers we can get conclusion :slight_smile:

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Subtitling is yet open so you can either be patience or mail the channel manager and ask if you can help that is if you know any of the other languages it is being translated to. Or write the manager to please check the translating advances since you seem to think there´s no one doing them… BUT first see when the videos have been uploaded translating it and speaking i easy but subtitlers have to translate and for the good translating subtitlers check sinonyms and there are words and phrases easily explain but hard to put in one single word or one simple phrase.e.k. an easy one " de tal palo tal astilla=like a father like a son"
Ok so wait a bit :grin:


I hear ya! All the hype over the K-version is bringing back fond fond memories of this cdrama, esp the main OTP NW and LSS. What a lovely couple, in drama and in RL. I have so much fondness for the drama(and them), that I’ve just started watching it again. This time, on Viki with English subtitles.

As for translation work on it, I believe some of the team members are busy with RL at the moment, but the project hasn’t been halted. It is ongoing. I’ve also just joined the team today, with the intention to fill in the subtitles as I watch on. So, don’t give up on it. You just have to be patient, very patient. I can assure you, it is worth all the wait. Even worth rewatching over and over.


Awesome! ::hugs::
I need to watch bubujingxin.


(つ´∀`)つ Yes, if you like Chinese historicals(fantasy or time travel) genre, then you must watch BBJX(SH1) followed by BBJQ (SH2).

Thank you for the reply, I have put the drama on hold for now and will patiently wait :relaxed: I can only imagine the enormous time spent subbing so I appreciate every effort the contributors make in order for me to watch. I am learning Korean but am far from actually using it. Maybe one day…


You’re welcome. Oh, wait a sec! You meant Scarlet Heart 2, the cdrama, right? Not Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, the kdrama adaptation? (which will only premiere on 8-29). I’m asking cos of your mention of learning Korean… In any case, SH2 the cdrama will be subbed by the team fully, eventually :slight_smile:


Yes!!! The team subbing this drama is really working hard for completion and I appreciate it!! I was able to finish 25 thru to half of 28 so this is wonderful! Almost there…