Will Viki get the reshot episodes of River where the moon rises?

Due to a recasting of one of the main leads in this drama, the director and actors agreed to reshoot the first several episodes which would star the replacement actor, Na In Woo for the role of Ong Dal. Has there been any word to Viki about the availability of these episodes? I found that the Korean streaming sites already have access to episode 1 that had been reshot.


Sorry, I don’t know if and maybe when Viki will get the newly shot episodes.

But I have another question related to the drama. I only watched the 1st ep so far, and that melody they often play reminds me on.

For example starting at 30.40

Anyone else?

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If you haven’t seen it already the episodes have been exchanged by Viki, I don’t know when exactly it happened or if the subtitles are done by now. You would need to check that for yourself.


ALL EPISODES are done now with Na IN Woo. It feels better to watch now that all episodes are with the replaced actor. The FL looks way younger in these scenes.


YAY! Thanks for the info.
I’ve been waiting and am so ready to start watching this drama ASAP.:rose: :rose:

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I’m sure you gonna like it bc I’m enjoying it, and getting use to him in the role now. He has worked so hard so i’m going to watch all episodes.