Will Viki license Princess Agents?

I have been hoping that Viki will license Princess Agents, a highly anticipated summer cdrama, but nothing so far. It will start airing this Monday. What are the chances that it will get licensed soon or at all?



I doubt it. Right now there’re 5 Chinese drama waiting to show. Until they’re all gone, Viki may license Princess agents.

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but none of them are anticipated at all, I dont even think they are new dramas. The last new drama they got was Song of Phoenix, which will finish airing mid June.

I found it on Daily Motion with English Subtitles

it is being subbed on youtube officially

Is there any possibility of acquiring the second part of the drama Agents of the Princess ?, The demand for this series is very high worldwide, you know the reason why the film has been delayed

There is no second season, only rumors.