Will we ever get a LG TV app?

I mean DF had one it was typical WB coded crap but atlest they had one Viki has a lot of app choices but no real tv app besides android tv anymore which l covers sharp and Sony tvs trust me someone who pays a 4–10k doesnt wanna have to buy a accessory box or stick as well to enjoy programming plus LG is very much a market leader now with Oled and android TV only covers Sony and sharp tvs thoughts?


When removing a band-aid, it’s best to rip it off quickly. I won’t make you suffer, either. The answer is: No, they won’t. Viki has recently dropped support for Samsung TVs, so it’s clear they’re done with smart TVs.

no lets be clear Samsung support was dropped because Samsung retired smart hub and i owned a F8500 around that time and Samsung would remove apps without notice forcing users to buy the latest tvs as they moved to the current platform causing a big headache for both user and developer alike so my guess is viki found it made more sense to drop the app rather then continue to develop a unsupported app and they are not done with smart tvs hence android tv with Sony and sharp im saying its time to bring it to LG a much more worthwhile partner


Right!! So do you think Viki wants to deal with another Korean company like LG anytime soon?! Sharp and Sony are Japanese, as is Viki. They have different relationships in their home country. Also, the android platform is vastly different than the custom OS of smart TVs. Android is a universal platform, so Viki can simply use their already updated PlayStore app, without major work.

Look, I’m not trying to rain on your parade, but I just don’t want you to be disappointed, like I was when Viki claimed it was looking into releasing their app on the Windows 10 Store.

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android itself is a universal platform yes which itself is extremely fragmented the tv iteration is only used by Sony and sharp now you brought up viki being Japanese while true most content here is Korean

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Go here https://support.viki.com and select web and TV apps. Ask if Viki has plans for LG TVs. I’m sorry for not being more helpful earlier. Anyway, I hope this helps.


i bought a sharp tv. it has the rakuten tv app, but not the viki app -.-


ok so now its only Sony hardly fair

I would love this sooo much!! :computer:

When I was finally able to get my dream TV in 2016, an LG with a “smart browser” & an air-mouse, watching Viki via the website became a very regular thing… it was awesome! :heart_eyes:

But eventually the site started changing, & then less than 2yrs later it just stopped working completely, with the main reason being because even tho LGTVs are super-expensive, they are NOT updatable… literally the browser is not so “smart” after all because it’s permanently stuck in 2015. :sweat:

So of course there are compatibility issues for sites which are designed to be much more complicated. (Not YouTube tho, thank goodness, lol- YT is great, it works perfectly- no issues at all! ** unjinx ** as well as many other nifty sites) Thus I have not been able to use Viki online at all really anymore & I don’t really use the apps either… I know I shd try more to just use the website on a “regular computer” well, if I had one anyways, but all I currently have is a basic laptop whose (updated, of course) Chrome browser likes to crash a lot because it’s such a memory hog… & yes I only like using the website mainly because of the comments! (they can make it more fun, most of the time)

It would be brilliant tho, if there was a Viki app for LGTV that made use of the air-mouse, like other LG apps do (mostly games), but with accessing the website directly- such as being a built-in browser itself… okay, it’s an impossible dream, haha but I’ll still keep it alive! xD

(This was actually typed using the air-mouse & on-screen keyboard, I’m that used to it, lol)

even the new samsung tvs don´t have them ;_;

Same problem … my solution is TV Stick. My chose was Xiaomi MI tv stick, but I´m sure there are others good. TV LG oled 4k smart tv.
PRO - Image perfect (I have basic viki plan), full screen, full HD
- No hiccup, no interruption (WiFi ~10 Mb)
- No need smartphone
Against - The Xiaomi Menus are not easy
- The Viki menus are different and not so easy
I recommend !!!

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