Women Are Better At Multitasking

I believe that women are better at multitasking because men are known to be simple minded and women have a more . . . thorough way of doing things. Of course, not all men and women act the same. Some women can be simple minded, while there are some men who think in a more thorough way, or it can be a mix. A women can be partially simple minded and partially thorough. Depends on the person.
I am more simple minded. I am a tomboy. I act more like a male, then a female. I guess I could say because of that, I would rather go the simple route.
I would like to hear you thoughts! What are your opinions?



When I read your post, I couldn’t help but chuckle at bit, since it reminded me of a discussion my class had in the first year of psychology at university.

My opinion, based on what I learned in that class and the student lab where we had to do multitasking tests (seriously, this was an eye opener - I did these tests before we had a class on the subject).

Don’t multitask.
Your accuracy goes down (you make more mistakes), you are slower than if you did the tasks separately and it overwhelms your brain.

Just focus on one task at a time :wink:

I just did a quick search on videos on the subject:

Some research on the subject (there isn’t enough really, so take this with a grain of salt) suggest that there is no difference between the genders. Others can point out differences, but this differences are small (for example, women use better strategies).

A fun little video. This isn’t evidence - but it does show why this notion of ‘women are better at multitasking’ exists:


Interesting. I do agree with the fact that it is isn’t just females who can multitask. Other genders can multitask too. :hushed:

Women are complex, with their own opinions. I’d even go so far to say, less of a follower. Always a leader, or knows a leader when we see one. Women are not immune from the group think mentality though . . .
Multitasking is kind of our expertise.

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