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That hand chair is definitely modern art.


My father built almost all of my furniture in my house! Re-production antiques - he is brilliant! I have a lot of knowledge of architecture and antiques because of my dad! Well and CARS! hahahahahaha!
That hand chair is COOL!!!


It amazes me what some people think up. I got a good laugh out this one! It takes talent and hard work to accomplish this art. Thanks for posting.



I see a foot too! :smile: @frustratedwriter, neat foot stand!:joy:


I thought it was neat!


Something for the kids!


Yea but that critter is brainless!



I lived in NM for 15 years! Went down to the Bosque many times for walks and I just remembered these chainsaw sculptures you might enjoy! I have photos somewhere! :wink:




Driftwood art!


The driftwood art reminds me of the Emeryville, CA salt flats on the southbound approach to the Bay Bridge. It was always fun for us kids to look at the driftwood sculptures when driving by. It’s all gone now, Part of the protected bay ecosystem.

Mudflat art location - Interstate 80 to San Francisco.


A political statement saying he went down with his ship.


awesome pictures!! I liked them all!


this isn’t wood but thought you all might enjoy this one as well


Well, that is one inventive and artistic use for discarded tires!


I thought the tires were awesome!
heres something else



ok,ok so I haven’t done the wood working, well heres another hopoe you like