Worst Case of Second Lead Syndrome?!

It’s happened to the best of us; you fall head over heels for the second lead and before you know it you’re suffering a chronic case of SLS. Symptoms include yelling “no” or “why” at your screen, ranting on forums, developing a deep hatred for the writers/main leads, attempting to console your beloved second lead, more yelling and sadness and in some cases… death (which would be quitting the drama of course! :blush:)

So what is your WORST CASE OF SLS?

I’ll start with mine; Dating Agency:Cyrano or Emergency Couple. I could go on a raging rant about these two, but I want to hear from you all!!

Probably Pretty Man or Bel Ami. I think the character was David Choi. He was just nicer to Bo Tong. He really liked her and didn’t take her for granted. I had other issues with this drama such as, the chemistry between the 2 leads being so delayed. My other top 2: You’re Beautiful. There are very few fans of the show that did not love Shin Woo(Jung Yong Hwa) or it seems that way to me. As much as I like Jang Keun Suk, I find myself rooting for his competition in his dramas. The other would be Flower Boy Next Door, Oh Jin Rak(Kim Ji Hoon). To be honest, in the early stage of this show I did not like the first male lead at all. I found him to be too much yet he grew on me. I did feel the second male lead was a better fit for someone with Go Dok Mi’s condition. Actually, it would be 1. You’re Beautiful 2. Pretty Man (Bel Ami) 3. Flower Boys Next Door.

One of my things about second male leads is when they pair them off with anyone else at the end. I find it unrealistic and annoying. The man is not just going to transfer his affection to someone else. I do want a good second male lead to have an HEA but I just sigh when I see it at the end of a good drama.


definitely “Fated to you” though I loved Jang Hyuk, Choi Jin Hyuk was the perfect man for her (I think)

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honestly mine was choi young-do from ‘The Heirs’ and its not as if he was better suited to the lead (or any other girl to be quite fair) lmao but i fELL FOR HIM like lee minho’s character was just so boring idk i love choi young-do more than life and he was the only reason i didnt fall asleep during that drama

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I totally agree with yours!! I don’t think there’s anyone who didn’t nearly die of SLS in You’re Beautiful. I have to say though, after watching Heartstrings, I could finally bury the hatchet on that one.

As for Pretty Man, I usually don’t like when the lead female goes for the guy she’s liked for x amount of years who treats her like crap over the amazingly sweet guy she just met. David was so sweet :heart_eyes:

And yes don’t even get me started on random, last minute second lead pairings!!

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