Worst K-dramas of 2013

I saw a post about the top/best/favorite dramas, but it would be good to know which one you think is the worst. That way it could help save a newbie marathoner a lot of time when deciding whether or not a show is worth their time. Put your thoughts here.

For me, It was the Good Doctor, only because the main character’s portrayal of autism didn’t touch me. I didn’t feel it. That’s the only way I know how to explain it.

In 2012, it was Dr. Jin. I usually like things related to medince, and I like supernatural events like time-travelling, too; but I couldn’t even finish the series. Usually, I’m the person who sticks to dramas and movies, even if I find them boring; but I just couldn’t handle it anymore, and I gave up on it. Felt like a major waste of time.

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I have nothing good to say about this drama. It was such a let down and I was so excited to see Yoon Eun Hye :frowning:


I can’t really name any because i just started watching K-Dramas.

The first disappointment will be the hardest… lol

I have been watching for about 11 months and Mirae’s Choice was my first and it was a very painful lesson in Kdrama disappointmen


hmmf. talk about dissapointment! my mouth lets just say literally stould open for a veryy long time at that end. that was one of my very firsts disappointment dramas too. i thought everything had a happy ending or AT LEAST AN END. boy was i wrong… well, at the same time, its cool to know that kdramas and k-stuff isnt always predictable, and itll keep you at the edge of your seat xD but hmmf. DISSAPOINTMENT. it had soo much potential too. it was getting soo good, it couldve been the best show almost ever. (one of the bests i mean).

i have a whole other list of SEVERE DISAPPOINTMENT AND TRAGEDY but lets not get into that one… its not even a 2013 one hahaha.

Goddess of Marriage. Hands down is one of the worst dramas of 2013 I’ve wasted my time on.
Beautiful Man (a.k.a Bel Ami) is pretty bad IMO.
When a Man Loves. Horrible, the main girl shows no emotions but she is pretty.

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Nail Shop Paris


I totally agree with you Dr Jin was so cliché

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