Wrong synopsis(es)


When I noted that the summary of More than Friends contained at least one substantive error, I was told, that the synopsis is provided by Viki/content owner and cannot be changed.
Now the synopsis/summary of To love is completly wrong, roles/casts get mixed up and suddenly straight becomes BL.
I’ve tried to reply they should look at MyDramaList and so on, but the comments won’t stop.


Is nothing new here because I encountered this situation several times and they explained the same thing that it couldn’t be changed bc it came from original content owner (whatever that means). Any synopsis that don’t describe the drama plot correctly, is in my opinion a copyright infringement but they tend to get away with that here bc rarely it will change, no matter how wrong it may be.


yeah, too many times I’ve watched a drama because the synopsis looked interesting and it ends up being a totally different thing. Some synopses tell the truth but only PART of the truth or the summary of only like the first two eps to mislead viewers and I feel totally cheated. SOO many people watched (or didn’t watch) Flower of Evil because the synopsis describes him as a psychopath. They could have just said something indicating that he was a murder suspect/ he was deceiving her instead of directly labelling him as a psychopath.


I no longer read the synopsis of any drama/ movie bc of that issue.They need to be honest and admit they change the words bc I highly doubt the original writer would deceive the readers/viewers by not giving us accuracy in the synopsis.


I read something similar in a comment section of a drama. This applies mainly to On-Air dramas:

The synopsis is given to Viki by the production company before the drama airs. With some dramas (especially Korean ones), they are still filming/writing it when it airs. Sometimes, the writers will re-write/change a few scenes, which can create a butterfly effect and alter the entire story.

Also, as many people know, the meanings of words can get lost in translation. But I don’t think this could change a whole synopsis.


But I’ve seen the first episodes and they got the leads resp. their role names completely twisted in the description (and the synopsis at another site seems to be right). So it makes no sence at all. But not my problem.


UGH. I have been cheated yet again :expressionless:
Drama: Because of Love
I understand that Viki gets drama synopses from the production company, but even MDL has a slightly less misleading one! They’re lying about some very important things.

First of all, she is NOT a single mother. She has a husband, and she stays with him for the sake of their son. The husband is around her and the kid a lot.

ML doesn’t “select” the patient - the hospital selects him and informs him about their decision. He’s mad about it(he’ll have to meet FL a lot + it’s dangerous to conduct a research operation on a child) and tries to change the patient.

He isn’t “instantly delighted.” The mother comes with the child so he finds out about the mother immediately. He ignored the child and spent his time staring at the mom, trying to talk diplomatically and pretending he doesn’t know her.

I didn’t expect everything to be so depressing, but I love the OST and the suspense about their back story is KILLING me.


There’s a new ‘content grievances report’ something-something in Help Center only for Indians to complaint regarding contents, ratings, etc., of a show.
Maybe… That could help you a bit.



Warning, spoilers ahead.


Don’t you think that the boy is the ML’s child and that she only broke up because of this child?

I like it, but it could become less depressing (and also less predictable).


I’m thinking that could have happened - he was surprised that she was married but he clearly saw her pregnant and walking with her current husband in Ep 6

I agree that the first six episodes are terribly depressing… I felt all the energy being sucked out of me. I really really want to know all the hidden details, though.


Lots of errors – technical errors, synopsis errors, sub errors, and the list goe… &%$#@ eRrOR … But it’s OK. Everything is OK. We can fix this. We can’t fix the planet because that’s not up to us, but we can fix Viki. Why? Because

Viki is super awesome! Viki for President of the World! :laughing: :ok_hand: :+1: