Yet again, the error 500 is in the game ... Hammy on the run

Anyone else having this issue, for me, it started yesterday, and it continued all day long. Okay, we have early afternoon here, but I had enough of Hammy.

The good thing is I am only refreshing my memory about an older drama, if it were new stuff, I would just call it a day. Oops, and there it is in less than 5 minutes another crash.


It subsided after a few hours, keeping my fingers crossed for your case.

Above I wrote “Hammy on the run”, and it seems it is literally so …

Viki seems to have let go off Hammy, and now we got the bubble thing, Blobby(?) with a :frowning_face: sad face. I didn’t capture the screen, I just clicked on “try again” in an instant, as I usually don’t experience the page to crash … I have no picture for you.

No more of this?

@brendas So are the days of Hammy gone? At least he gave an uplifting wink.

Okay, I said it rarely happens, however today it did again, so here is the screenshot of the “new page” and I guess replacement for Hammy.