Yoo Ah In (유아인) - Official Thread

Welcome to Yoo Ah In’s Discussions thread! Chat about the popular South Korean actor whose works include “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” “Jang Ok Jeong, Lives in Love,” and “Secret Love Affair.”

FUN FACT: Yoo Ah In was discovered by a casting agent on the streets in front of his school when he was in his first year of junior high. He was scouted to be an aspiring idol and was trained to sing.

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This man is just beautiful and knows how to win an audience. I am loving 6 Flying DrGons.


You know what’s the best utterance this wonderful has ever said in his drama, it was in Jung Ok Jung, he said ‘the sky is going to fall on you.’ I believe he is a very talented actor and he would shine everyday more.

Loved him in Chicago Typewriter, Fashion King and of course Sungkyunkwan Scandal where I had major 2nd and 3rd lead syndrome with him and also Song Joong Ki since I wanted one of them to get the girl

Does anyone watch The Throne (film) which talks about Crown Prince Sa Dong who is a royal father of King Yi San?

No, because I read the synopsis on wiki and I don’t want to watch him die again and the show sounds depressing…I am an empath so if I watch a depressing show I cry too much or get REALLY angry at the injustice and bad guys… It also takes me longer to finish shows that are depressing since I have to watch funny or happy shows in between to cheer up… I do plan to watch his other movie Veteran that he also won awards for best actor

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If you already watched Korean drama “Yi San”, you might know what happened to him in that movie. Like you said! Most of historical drama/movies’ sad endings are inevitable. But not all historical ones are SAD. I still like historical dramas despite the way it is.