YOU ARE A FAN OF EXO? Let's talk ! :)


I wonder why there was no EXO Topic. So if you love EXO let’s talk about you favorite songs and you Biases. Or maybe a couple you ship?=D


okaaayyy!!! hahaha this i will join!!

okay, my bias is hyperventilates from hyperness IS KAI!!!

he’s sooo good at dancing and i think he’s the cutest. but its tough in exo, because there ALL CUTE! X)

kai break dance:

my favorite song from them that is older is what is love :

and my favorite song right now growl and wolf! xD

as for a second bias… i thought it was D.O. … but now im having a hard time between Xiumin,luhan, and oh what the heck!! i love them all xD


My favorite Exo member is Baekhyun.
The song I like now is Miracles in December(wow Baekhyun&Chen&D.O)

Same here ! I love miracles in December… better to say their whole album

YEAYYYYY I was so waiting for this thread hahaha. Is’nt the fandom called Exotics?

I love them so much and i find ALL of them so cute and good looking!!! But if i was to be stranded on a Island forever and could only bring three EXO members well i’ll take SEHUN, LUHAN and CHEN.

But I have to say, TAO has been a huge Bias list ruiner lately, I realised just how handsome he really is haha.


Hahahahaha yes I know but since there was a discussion about how ppl should call them I thought it would be better to not put a name.

I LOVE Luhan

He is just sooo adorable and cute omggg

And suho

I have no idea why I like suho lol I just do

His ideal girl type is someone with long straight hair and has a big literary interest but inside she is wild and cheerful (LMAO?)

I should have long hair… hahahahah

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in other words, a wild book-worm nerd-party girl?? LOL

hahhahahahahahah I think someone with whom you can have fun, but still can be calm and read book and be smart blabla

Good choice Suho lol

awww this pic is so cutee


The only reason i got into EXO:
Kris is definitely my style :stuck_out_tongue:

My fav song is growl and miracles in december.


Finally a EXO topic!! ^^

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LOOLL HAHAHAHA I knew it… ppl just waited for this topic @b2utybubbles it was an good idea hehe

Nothing to thank for

just kidding



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Another Exotic here. I cannot choose a number one bias from the whole twelve. But, I have two biases, one from EXO-K and one from EXO-M. Chen and Kai.

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KAI!!! xDDD yes girl, we agree to that haha

ges, xD tis is for you xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD jddnmsfjsfsfh!

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Hey all :smiley: im glad to see that someone made topic about EXO.My biases are Tao and Kris. Favourite songs are “Baby dont cry” and “Wolf”



omggggg hahaha
Do you also have a couple between them you ship? haha like

LOOOOL can’t


I love EXO.
kai is fantastic and is a great dancer.
I look forward to the new album!!!

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