YOU ARE A FAN OF EXO? Let's talk ! :)

yess kai! he is awesome !!! did you see the new teaser? he’s BLONDE now!!!

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xD @dramaaaaa

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Love Baekhyun~~ Bacon!

Click on the gifs if you cannot view them… :frowning:


Dancing to bubble pop…

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Srysl I’m getting angry at the black broken pics…


ugh… i’m getting angry too! Why aren’t they showing up?!

I just linked the gifs though so if you click on them, they’ll take you directly to the gif and hopefully you’ll be able to see them…

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Yeaaaay I was able to see them thank youuuu !!!

Awwww first gif is sooooo cute !!

Viki answered that the user maybe deleted the pic so it doesn’t show but that’s not it because i can’t even upload pics from my own phone. Something is wrong here…

Awww… that’s so disappointing! This definitely needs to be fixed!!

I just noticed how helpless we are without gifs and pics… i mean the main topic everywhere is : Who is your man ? Lol
So we just need the pics … sigh such a cruel world

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The Overdose MV is finally relesed!!
It’s so fantastic!!



i saw it when it was leaked :x didnt know why it was so blurry (the leak version) now i can see it clear!


Okay okay girls and experts of exo

Is this guy from exo? If yes whoooo is he?

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I can’t say definitively, but it looks like Lay! :heart:

@b2utybubbles … I am sorry I just realised the curse … cry

Could match !! : D

It’s him !!! Just googled lay airport for 20 min and found this

Lol we are sooooo stalkers


i LOVE lay he’s adorably cute xD tho, looking at this pic, its hard to know who that is lol but anyways YAY LAY!!

Exo are my favorite kpop group !
I like all the members but , Lay is my bias he’s so sweet and such an amazing dancer <3
My favorite song is Miracles In December , it shows their powerful vocals .

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Yes ! He’s Lay , <3

Whoo hoo!! Haha, we may have a slight obsession… Just a liiitttllleeee bit. Hehe :laughing: