YOU ARE A FAN OF EXO? Let's talk ! :)

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slight obsession

LOL I hope it will stay as a “slight” obsession ^^

I am an Exotic tooo :open_mouth:

I can’t really choose my bias between them but If I had to choose I would say Luhan, Sehun, D.O and Kai >_< I have too much ‘-’

I love Luhan’s Cuteness, Sehun’s deep voice and dancing, Kyungsoo’s Singing (omg he can sing so well ‘-’) and especially Kai’s dancing ‘-’ He can dance soooo well, OMG :open_mouth:

Here some pics of them xDD

Haha this move is so funny ;D

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yaaaahhhh i would never change my favorite k-pop idols :blush:

tao <3 yeah

I love all of Exo’s songs they are really awesome. Exotic fan forever!

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Check this out:

This is so mean >.> Poor Baekyhun and Taeyeon…Maybe they don’t like this couple, but they don’t need to say it or do that to them >.> They didn’t want Kris to leave, then they called him a traitor and now is Baekhyun a traitor, because he likes someone?!

Actually, I don’t know if they are really together, if they act as couple or if they truly love each other, but no matter what they do together I will support them and EXO…

What do you think of this?!

i read this before and i think this is so STUPID -___-# i mean seriously, just HOW exactly did they BETRAY anyone here?? and the girl keeps apologizing for it too. if the fans start dating, are they betraying their idols? no. because the idols dont even know they exist. there’s no relation to any of it, they arent in a relationship with their idols that they are betraying them. i really think these psycho fans (especially the ones in korea) need professional help and both a psychiatrist and psychologists. this is too sad.

I’ve just started listening  k-pop so I’m not yet a fan of EXO or other Korean group. Thanks to b2utybubbles , who spoke so highly about Exo members (especially a guy called Kai), I’ve search  today informations about them and look to their pictures. I was dying of curiosity.

Seeing CHEN pictures and those videos from their tv shows was… colpo di fulmine :smile: He’s 7940 kilometers in distance but could be near at my heart. If I have to choose a “bias” from those 12 than I definitely pick CHEN.

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awww im glad i helped in that xD thanks for the shout out! i hope you will enjoy your ride into kpop xD some other awesome groups to check out would be B2st, shinee, Vixx, and mblaq. just to name a few. their are soo many good ones out there. and a new group called Halo(their song, “fever”)

anyways, even if you arent that into kpop, their looks and talent will always draw you in and make you curious, and you get pleased with what you find out about them :slight_smile: never really payed that much attention to chen, but maybe i will look him up more since you broung him out xD glad you found a “bias”! xDD and welcome to the kpop world.

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Well, I’m a Scorpio girl …. my intuition said CHEN :)))

CHEN looks the way I always imagined a Korean man looks like : cool and controlled emotional nature,  good observer , down-to-earth, apparently distant but underneath full of warm feelings for those he really  appreciates. He has quite  interesting facial features that make him look attractive naturally. I love his imperfections.  He doesn’t need full lips or perfect ears to look up catchy. Actually, an agelic perfection cannot caught my eye for more than two seconds, I get bored of perfection, but a manly face, despite imperfections can maintain my attention.

Thanks. I shall check all those bands. Now I’m focused on EXO, I’ve listened What is love, Mama, History, Overdose , Growl (both versions). I think I prefer more Exo M. After 5 videos watched Exo-M(en) vs. Exo-K(ids)  4: 1. (not  saying “kids” in a pejorative sense)

However, I prefer to see them all together, Exo 12 beats both Exo K and Exo M.

Haha I think like you xD I think Exo is together much cooler than seperated xD I like Exo-k more, but all the members together is awesome :smiley: It’s just a shame that kris isn’t by them…Thy even cried, because of that and…omg…When I watched that I had to cry xD This is really sad…How they said those nice things to each other and what they thought about the whole situation and also the fans weren’t mean or something like that …I hope they can endure this hard situation :slight_smile: EXO FIGHTING!

Being misunderstood or being betrayed is what we feared more. It would be unfair to take Kris side at the expense of the others or vice versa. This is an internal problem within their agency , the way in which the agency manages the relationship with its artists. Fans can only seize the precious moments of Exo 12 and cherish the wonderful memories of time they spent together.

p.s I’ve listened another two songs. The score is tight. Exo-M(en) vs. Exo-K(ids)  4: 3 :smile: Although I don’t understand Korean, neither Chinese, some songs  sound better in Chinese, others better in Korean , it’s just my feeling. For example, I like more “Mama” performed by Exo M than Exo K or I like “What is love” performed by Exo K more than Exo M.

@ran_chan_5: They will endure, EXO has more members than a football team :slight_smile: They cannot remain forever in that team, sometimes they might need a perspective change. I would have liked Kris to separate amicably and bid farewell in a retirement concert. Any member who wants to leave should walk through the front door, not the back door, because only responsibility is the price of freedom.

I wish him good luck in his further projects , to grow up more responsibility and find joy in everything he choose to do. I also hope his colleagues will overcome disappointment because they never know when they will find themselves in the same situation like him, force to make a drastic choice that they know will hurt some people, but is the path they feel they have to follow.

I’m dying of laughter

By the way, is there a k pop group without  a peroxide blonde ? Platinum hair is enjoying a certain ubiquity in EXO too. Hope the hairstylsts will not ruin CHEN :smile:

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he DOES have some cuteness to him as well. i think all of exo is cute ^ ^ he is very kind as i see it also.

thats a nice way to look at things. i myself, simply put am just immediately attracted to the “pretty boys” lol. thats just me and my taste. but others are beautiful too! and i like every kind of person too, i think every kpop guy and girl out there has something special, i feel soo bad for the ones who get cut, because most of them have talent and a good face and personality and its just sad.

i liked that when Vixx won their award and leo was crying, chen hugged him! that was so sweetttt he looked very genuinely happy for vixx and all of exo did, i love that. how other groups are genuinely happy and not jealous of other groups, they all love eachother like family. (D.O too x)))

you wont regret it xD

agreed! they are best together.

joining! this is a really old topic, AND I WANNA TALK ABOUT EXO!!!

whats your opinion on the whole dating scandal thing? whats do you think about the behavior of EXO-L? also, are you pumped for the comeback?

yeah me too I love EXO they should have an exo tab

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Hiii I am a Greek exo-l^^ My favourite member is Baekhyun (and my ultimate bias😊) `
My second bias in EXO is Kai^^

For some reason I really love History… But I am not really sure if it’s my favourite…it’s hard to choose😓