You Are My Sisters inadequate subtitles

I have really been enjoying You Are My Sisters but starting around episode 26 or 27 the subtitles suddenly petered out. Many conversations go by before a one sentence subtitle shows. One character explained a dirty trick he was going to play to another character but the subtitles didn’t include his explanation. I am spending a lot of time guessing what the characters are saying. It wasn’t like this at the beginning and so I wonder if some subbers got sick or went on vacation. In any case it is really affecting the quality of the viewing. I think this is not a technical problem. Does “The Gone with the Shirt” team plan to go back and fill in? I hope so because this is a terrific drama.

You are better off posting something like this in the comment section for that channel or sending a message to the managers of that channel.

They were edited and completed today Subtitles English Ep 26
It is a volunteer. We all work or study and some parts are summer holiday.