You Know You've Been Watching Too Many Kdramas When


I’d say you know you’ve been watching too many Kdramas and Kmovies when you start to notice and get overly excited about “Easter eggs” . :wink: :sweat_smile:


I’m not addicted. I can quit ANY moment. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sure.:wink: I think this is one addiction we are not ashamed to admit to, at least not in this community. lol


What gets me is how people can confuse Mandarin and Korean when spoken …languages are like night and day different


When you made your husband dress as Healer for halloween and you “dressed” like Young-shin/Ji-an by covering half your face with a white beanie and a white scarf :grin:


I just found a picture of your husband! :wink:


  1. Guys that wear eyeliner start to look pretty damn hot !
  2. You hear yourself say: “I wanna hat like that”
  3. You thought Italians yelled alot !
  4. You wanna get drunk.
  5. You’re afraid to cross the street!!!
  6. You wanna piggy back ride.
  7. You believe that being caught in the rain without an umbrella is a death sentence.


search for K-Mart. They are everywhere here.


I always get a kick that Asian drama’s in general have terrible door props. They either don’t close or they look like they’re gonna fall down :smiley: but this one beats the cake: doors


Yea cause in the real world ppl look at you like you’re nuts!


When you call your significant other Oppa, just to realize that he is of German decent and is like since when have I become your grandpa!!!

When you start thinking or dreaming in Korean phrases.


:rofl: what wonderful alternate universe might that be


yeah, but only if you’ve actually heard both languages…for those who haven’t, most east Asian languages are Chinese :joy:

awwww that is SO CUTE!!! now I really wanna see how you guys pulled it off!:joy::heart_eyes:

how is it a death sentence??!! when you can meet the love of your LIFE!! :joy:

oh I do this ALL.THE.TIME.:joy: “mwo?! WAE?!” is my standard response to most things nowadays


Not in my country, though. :frowning:


And 엄마 (eomma) sounds like Oma (grandmother).

When women in their late twenties are adressed with 아줌마 (ajumma) … Our women would feel age-discriminated even if they were older.:grin:


:sweat_smile: it’s seriously nothing elaborate, like the really really bad faux version of Healer and Young-shin/Ji-an :joy:. So it’s more like “Bealer” than “Healer” :grin: .


I still get my Asian languages confused to be honest. I wouldn’t know Mandarin from Cantonese for example. I wouldn’t know Indonesian language from Malaysian. India I heard has so many dialects, but I think that I one that I am more exposed to is Punjabi but I still wouldn’t be able to distinguish it from other dialects. As for Korean, I’m ever so slowly starting to recognize it “off the streets”.


As long as you’re not familiar with both languages, it’s hard to recognize the difference even if they’re not related at all.
And Mandarin and Cantonese are closely related, so there it gets even harder.
To me there’s a huge difference between German and Dutch. Not all foreigners agree with me on that, though … :rofl:


Voor mij heeft Cantonees veel meer ‘eu’ en oi’ geluiden. Ik hoor het binnen de eerste paar zinnen, nadat ik eerst denk… waarom begrijp ik het opeens niet? :laughing:


Ik hoor eigenlijk niet zo vaak Cantonees. Ik zou misschien hooguit denken: “Dit klinkt niet zoals Mandarijn hoort te klinken!” :joy:
En als er dan iemand zou zeggen dat het Hakka was, zou ik het waarschijnlijk ook geloven. :laughing: