You Know You've Been Watching Too Many Kdramas When


(@zinniac1216 here we go!)

  • you find yourself inadvertently bowing to people in greeting
  • “Aish!” “Aigoo!” and “Otthoke?!” have become your default exclamations
  • Samsung is everything :joy:


Feel hungry just looking at Korean spoons.

I love them a lot.


hey I did that the other day!!! com sam de na I think thats right. aish!


the spoons or the sticks?? :joy:


It’s weird but every time I get a chance to eat with Korean spoons, I leave nothing in my plate and eat anything that is given to me even if I hate to eat it without the spoons.

Just look at these

The other day, my mom made sambhar and I ate 4 bowls of that in a day. These spoons are magic :joy:


And and…
I say aishh a lot throughout the day. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes!!! :clap:t4::rofl:

…when you want to have Tteok-bokki even though you had never had one before :grin:


And they are still adorable and attractive when they eat with those spoons (in dramas, both male and female) it’s not fair - even if they look like chipmunks stuffed with nuts with their bulging cheeks :sweat_smile: - I just look like a hobo - does not look good on me at all :joy:


Owh yeah…
I don’t think I’ll say I like what they eat but I definitely like seeing them eat, it just makes me hungry… :rofl::joy:


Imma go to kitchen, I am hungry.


It’s “Gam Sa Ham Ni Da,” where “a” sounds like “ah,” and G is similar to the hard G sound.


WHERE did your mom get Korean spoons?!!! :open_mouth:

Aish, why do we have so little Korean stuff here? :roll_eyes:


The ones with me are from Amazon :grin:
I just love those spoons better than any drama :joy:


thanks for the lesson, gam sa ham ni da!!!


your spoon fetish is the funniest thing ever! :joy::joy: sambhar with the idli or just slurp slurp slurp?

i know! They’ll be talking loudly while eating and still manage to look extremely cute…if i did that no one would eat in the same room as me!


…when pandemic coops you up so you “Noraebang” (on you own ):tired_face: with youtube on your favorite K drama OST :sweat_smile:. Don’t judge me!


Just curious, how old were you when you started watching K-dramas and when did you realize that you are addicted to them?


These pictures made me hungry so I just made myself Jin Ramen Spicy, my go-to spicy instant ramen.:grin:


You are right , I actually half bowed to someone in the local international market…where it gets even dumber is the person was LatinX and not Asian in any way , and I thanked her by saying Gamsamnida …


of course we can’t judge, I do that all the time! :joy:

I started watching them when I was 15(almost a year ago), and I realized I was addicted three months later :joy: whenever something especially stressful happened in my life, I’d go and binge a show through the night. The next day, I may look like a zombie but I’m at the top of the world inside :sweat_smile::grin:

:joy::joy: I once said something in Korean to my mom and now everyone calls me Chinese :joy::grimacing:


one more!
…I eat everything with chopsticks just to see whether I can make that cute stuffed-chipmunk face like they do (been verrrrry disappointed😂)