Young sherlock not subbed

I want to watch young sherlock but not fully subbed.Can anyone provide english subtitles to all episodes?

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Hello, I know it’s frustrating, but please have patience.
I am currently subbing Young Sherlock, slowly but surely. I will try my very best to continue with the work, and eventually finish subbing the whole thing. Please, please be patient and don’t give up on this drama :slight_smile:
Also, there is an error with eps 16 and 17 and we are still waiting for Viki’s reply to the issue.


Is it fully segmented?

(bowing) I honor your commitment to this drama. I hope it goes smoothly at the pace you can do, and that fans are understanding.

for before we are volunteers, we are fans. We do this for love, for we assuredly are not paid.

…without my name,only my word remains

It still isnt subbed? wow! that is something to consider. looks like it would be a good one to watch. maybe if more were interested??I am not complaining, these subbers do a great fantastic job! I am not sure I could do it! so subbers you hang in there and do the best you can do!! we CAN wait.


It is mostly segmented, but there are some sections with problems that I need to fix. I don’t mind the work, since I really like subbing. That is why I’m here!

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Cool. I was inquiring because if there was a need to rally some troops to segment, that I might be able to do. Otherwise…my plate is as full as I can carry at the moment. And given the current situation…I am hesitant to add anything else major to that plate.

So it was an inquiry based on what might be given for help :slight_smile: and if you are good to go at present, then that was all I was asking. :slight_smile:

Honor to the valiant.

Thank you for your concern! I’m doing fine for now :slight_smile:

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Wow! Thank u for subbing I am in row too for ma tian yu waiting “” fighting""

Hi,i am really happy that i got your reply.I was eagerly waiting for this drama to be subbed from a long time.I really appreciate your dedication for this drama.I know it takes time and i will surely wait for your work to get completed.Thank you for replying.:slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:for doing this work.

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Thank you for subbing.:slight_smile::smiley::smiley:

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maybe I am asking something silly, not just for Young shirlock but other dramas, do they designate just one for each drama or does a group do subbing? just curious cause there are a lot of dramas that needs subbing and isn’t. still you subbers do a fantastic job. to me slow is better. still thanks for a great job.

There are usually a team of subbers for each channel. Dramas like Young Sherlock (ones that are not airing anymore) are usually slower and have one or two dedicated few who sub until the end, although there are exceptions. There are usually more subbers for airing dramas (like the current Stay With Me, Candle in the Tomb, etc) and the translating process is faster, but since Young Sherlock was licensed after the whole drama was released, there is less “promotion” and attention to this drama, leading to a smaller team. Also, many of the interested subbers for Young Sherlock have moved on to other more current dramas because it sometimes may feel pointless to sub a slower drama, since it feels that nobody is watching. That’s why I think it’s very important for people to comment and help cheer on the subbers ^.^

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thanks for that info! I still say the subbers do a fine job. Its us that get impatient. subbers you keep up the good work and do forgive us that are impatient. and didnt realize the subbers move on when they feel like no one is watching! so hoe can we inform them hey even if its just one watching?? theres other dramas I am interested in too and theres no subbing. so what can I do ??

For one, you can leave encouraging messages in the comments section. Usually, subbers might stumble across them and give them a boost. (For example, I like to read through the comment section of my projects. I know some other subbers like to do this, too.)
Another way is to message either the channel manager or English subbers that you know are on the team. Tell them how interested you are in the drama and that you hope it can be subbed, but be sure not to sound impatient or angry.

thanks thegolddimension. I will start doing that every chance I get!!

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please do complete this project young sherlock subtiling work.looking forward to watch it.