Your favorite Chinese actors/actresses?

Haven’t found a similar topic(despite that there is a topic which is not limited to Chinese), so I created one.

Who is your favorite Chinese actor/actress?

As for me, Wang Kai is my favorite Chinese actor!!!
Zhao Liying and Dilraba Dilmurat are my favorite actresses.


Even his crow’s feet look cute.

Zhao Liying is my Queen

There are other actresses that I like but not nearly as much.
Other faves are Tang Yi Xin, Liu Tao, etc.

As for actors probably Wallace Huo.


Zhao Liying!! :ok_woman:

I also kinda like Tan Song Yun.
As for actors, probably I’ll have to go with Hu Ge and William Chan. Especially when they are with Zhao Liying…

I was waiting for a drama with Hu Ge and Zhao Liying as OTP but… it seems it won’t happen anytime soon…


WOW Their chemistry will surely be wonderful.

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yang mi!! :heart_eyes:

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Lan Cheng-Lung. Amazing actor with sexiness, action packed dramas. CHOSEN his 2018 recent movie is amazing! Here on viki they have EASY FORTUNE HAPPY LIFE A MUST WATCH!

Zhao Liying, is an awesome actress and I never get tire of seeing her in dramas. She’s unique and I loved her in the drama where she was an agent.

Oh, I like this topic.

I would say, without any hesitation, that my favorite Chinese actress is Liu Tao.

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My favorite Chinese actors are Jin Dong and Mark Chao.

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My Favorite Li Yi Feng :heart:

and My Faorite actress… Dilraba Dilmurat

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I like more than just one actor but my most fav. is for sure Ma Tian Yu :smiley: (so I hope he’ll play in more fantasy/historc/costume dramas in the future).

I also like Dilraba Dilmurat a lot. She is so cute as the fox princess.

To add some more I like even though it wasn’t possible to watch many shows with them yet are:

Zhang Meng

Yang Mi

Luo Yun Xi

Liao Jin Feng

Sunny Wang

Vengo Gao

Wang Duo

Li Yi Tong

i was going to say Mark Chao but he’s actually Taiwanese. i like yang mi lately, shes pretty fun

One of my favorite new breed of rising Chinese Actor is the very talented and extremely handsome
Zhang Bin Bin who was the king in “The King Women” and the lead actor in “I Will Never Let You Go” Who also had a main role in “The Flame’s Daughter”.

Now as for my Most favorite Chinese Actress I have never found anyone who come up to the level of an older but still beautiful as Gong Li. She is a "Classic Chinese “Actress” and still highly respected in China, She is no longer acting, during her time in acting many Chinese actresses look up to Gong Li. Some of her well know dramas is “Raise The Red Lantern” “Curse Of The Golden Flower” and “Farewell My Concubine” any many more.

The most controversial Movies Gong Li acted in was the “Memoirs Of A Geisha” because she was Chinese many Japanese Actresses felt the part should have went to them, Gong Li co- star was Japan most famous actor ken Watanabe. It was a movie box office"Hit." Personally I have not found a Chinese actress who can hold her “Crown” today. I know there are other good Chinese actresses, but sorry Gong Li still hold the CROWN.

Zhang Ziyi played also in this movie. Both are great actresses. I really liked their movies and I’m glad we now can watch a lot more C drama than back then when there was just one* movie within many years.

*at least for European viewers.

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@jenaceae I was reading your comment about Mark Chao being Taiwanese, yes that where he was born.
But if you study or read the history of the China Civil War around the time of 1949 you will find out why The Republic Of China with 2 million troops and many civilians retreat to Taiwan, and there they set up their own ruling government in Taiwan and name themselves Taiwanese taken from the island name.

Actually the Chinese and Taiwanese are the “exact” same people from out of China they came even those some Taiwanese will not admit being Chinese but that is their roots and people one reason they also speak Chinese Mandarin. I hope you don’t mind me sharing this with you. :slight_smile:

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@cntv_854 Yes Zhang Ziyi is still beautiful and a “wonderful Actress”. Thanks for reminding me. :slight_smile:
Yes she also share the screen with Gong LI in “Memoirs Of A Geisha” they both are excellent.

He’s my favorite as well. I too liked him in The king’s woman but he was best looking in The Flame’s Daughter :heart_eyes:

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@stockholmsyndrome You and I have the same taste Zhang Bin Bin is “Eye Candy” this Man is beautiful and an excellent actors I have look at everything he in. :blush: thanks for sharing this short video.

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Vic Zhou :heart_eyes:

And Ariel Lin:heart:

Yang Mi and Ethan Juan in Legend of Fuyao
most romantic scene evah!

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