Your favorite Crying scenes ? (Spoilers)


stop it stop it stop no i’m not crying what are you talking about


Yes he is from gu family book
Definitely a must watch !!


Thank you! I’ll try not to finish too many boxes of tissues if it’s as sad as you say :smiley:


Thank you! I will :smiley:


I love coffee prince. my favourite crying scene in coffee prince was wen they were on the beach.


Oh oh I know !!! I just saw that !! Do you mean when he decide that he can’t play the brother ? Or was there another beach scene ? .


there was only one beach scene


Okay then I saw that !! I am going crazy when she won’t confess that she’s a girl soon …


yes! it was so painful cause he was extremely scared dat he a gay.


Lee Min Ho brings out the feels for everyone… Such a great actor!


Omg… after looking at this… made me cry… lee min ho and kim soo hyun made me cry the most !


This is me when i see someone i hate cry in a drama…


I’m like that too xD


I loved his scene in ‘Personal Taste’ where he is physically sick with longing and tells the girl to leave then just can’t let her go and grabs her hand. His expression spoke more than any words. Then I watched ‘Faith’ and saw again how he uses his facial expressions instead of dialogue even without tears you can feel the pain. He’s really good but I wish he’d do more with mature actresses the younger ones don’t play well opposite him. He’s too passionate for them.


There is a new guy to dd to this list. The second lead in ‘High Society’ his crying scene in the recent episode was very touching.



tbqh,this is my top favorite of all time. An unexpected burst of emotions
The time Do Min Joon was asked how he feels when it’s not much time left until the day he leaves
the end of ep15 from “My Love From The Stars”

When Dal Po tells Ha Myung that he’s his brother and he lied about his promise, about their dad’s returning home
in ep11 from “Pinocchio”

Or the heart aching scene when princess Lee Jae Shin watched the message Eun Shi Gyung left for her, after he died
ep 19 from “King 2 Hearts”

Let’s not forget Yeo Gook Dae’s heart breaking scenes when he cries blaming himself for the death of his nanny. There’s more than the gifs show. The episode was full of emotions
ep 14 from “I order You”

And the moment the brothers meet. When Lee Hyun; David, finally finds out about who really attorney Jung Sun Ho is.
ep 12 from “I Remember You”

Last but not least, all Seo Joon Young’s crying scenes in the classic “Sad Love Story”


I also agree with your choice of Gu Family Book, the betrayal and truth between Koo Wol Ryung and Yoon Seo-Hwa

And Heirs when Cha Eun Sang leaves all of a sudden without telling Kim Tan


Your selection is spot on all these are unforgettable loved them all.


One of my favorite scenes :hearts:


My favorite crying scene :sob: was the ending of my favorite K-drama Meow The Secret Boy when Hong Jo told Kim So uh he wouldn’t become human again but stay a cat. ( Sorry if I spelled her name wrong. ) I gave the show 10 stars!:star: