Your favorite Crying scenes ? (Spoilers)


I don’t know why haha I just need this topic to share these

Actually All Crying scenes of Lee min Ho

I think that’s enough hhahahahha


Lee Min Ho is an expert!


I love when Lee Min Ho express their feelings. It’s make so real.


Agreee. That’s why he is my favorite actor. I think it’s because of his preparation time for a drama and of course his talent. He really wants to know who his role is and then. Baaaam there is such a scene haha


Lee min ho crying expert. Sounds sad hahaha
Actually in heirs , this crying scenes remember me of what an amazing actor he is.
Oh and kim soo hyun is also very good . He follows lmh in my favorite actor list haha


Min Ho’s scenes and Master’s Sun’s were the best!


Omg sorry i totally missed your comment

Yeah I agree hahaha I remember how much I cried at that scene
Lol my mom thought someone died in REAL LIFE and I was just like


you forgot this one !! my favorite! :smiley:


Probably because i didn’t like BOF hahahah but it’s heartbreaking to see him like that T-T
Thank you !!!


WOAH.thats allot of crying


my favorite crying scene is with kim soo hyun, and its in dream high. seriously girl,seriously… im starting to think that u should watch that before big, just because it has soooo many emotions and its so was my first drama, and it has a special place in my heart. i even bought #1 and 2 on dvd haha. well if u want to watch BIG first thats fine,but u should definitley watch dream high right after,because thats where he debuted in acting in that drama,and his acting skills were seriously amazing. he moved my heart and made me cry for him soo hard.


Why can’t you show meee ?? T-T
I think I will watch dream high after coffee prince


you really should, thats when i first fell for kim soo hyun *sigh
he really moved me with his acting and emotions

my favorite crying scene is in dream high (AND dream high 2 haha)
but if i show it to u it will really spoil because its one of the major parts. T.T


Those Wul Ryong pictures make my heart all flip flop, he lured me into watching Gu Family Book (and spending too much money on related merchandise).


you want more ? hahaha

Soooooooooooooo hooooooooot

and then soooooooooooo cute again



Far too hot.

Mustn’t get DVDs out again to watch the hotness again.

Thank you for the pics.


You’re welcome


is she yoona?


Hey, I was just wondering but what drama is your first picture from because I’ve seen loads of pictures and gifs of that guy in particular and now I really want to see the drama.


yes that pic is yoona x)


He’s from The Gu Family Book. Which is not on viki, unfortunately. Dramafever has it.

He is just the hotness. Watch the first two episodes, weep and then soldier on.